Sunday, December 13, 2009

Teenage Wasteland.

'Lo all.

So, lessee. Haven't done a lot, really.

Friday I picked up a new watergun.

Saturday, kids and Beardman went camping at the prom, I went out with the droogs. Pretty quiet, really. Jess was there, then she wasn't, then Erin appeared, and Sam was burning things and there was a maccas run that almost ended up with us getting a hundred chicken nuggets. Lucky it didn't.

Dr Chopper - *
A perfect example of a terrible movie, do not pay to see this unless you want to laugh and you're occupied doing something else. Or you're mildly intoxicated, either way. Terrible acting, terrible dubbing (yes dubbing), terrible makeup even. Bad film, something to laugh AT.

Today, stumbled awake, still sore, went to work, two bloody functions and kept in til 430. They played Them Crooked Vultures though, can't complain too much.

Came home, Diana and PD and I swapped stories of maccas runs over fishnchips (WE MUST TRY GOING TO MELBOURNE FOR MACCAS!), then wasted time, really. How very productive.

100 Girls - ***
Better than I was expecting. Annie lent it to me. It's about college kids and sex, of course. Sort of similar to American Pie, almost. Lot of feminist exposition, and the main character is a cross dresser.

And here I am. Yes, that's about all I've done since I last updated. There probably won't be another one til Wednesday night, after the mad waterfight.



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