Monday, December 21, 2009

Skin and Bones.

'Lo readers.

Long time no post.

Before the end of the year, there'll be one more post with everything that happened after christmas, then the big 2009 post. Emma's drafting hers, I figured I'd give that a try to avoid homework. It's not going well, it gets to the stage where I'm either ranting or feeling that I'm not talking enough about certain things. Naturally Emma's told me to keep in the rants, we'll see.

Anyway. Let's see... since I last posted, watched a few movies, caught up with a few people, and generally lived like a hermit with noodles.

On Friday, didn't have to go to work, chilled out, downloaded music.

On Saturday, my alarm failed me and I woke up five minutes before I was supposed to be at work. This is a bit problematic, to be honest. Very brief shower, screamed to work against a headwind, was only like fifteen minutes late. Was dead the whole time though. Nearly crashed when I got home. That night Amaya was online, we caught up a bit, it was good.

Next day, got up at 1, Ryan dropped in and we exchanged dvds, spent day watching Full Metal Alchemist til everyone came home. Beardman went paintballing, there's an amusing mental image. I owe Katie a couple of cds, my bad. Watched You're Welcome America, starring Will Ferrel as George Dubya, and that's very amusing.

And then today, discussed plans for next week (cricket twice and movies, maybe Eildon, then Bairnsdale for NYE, yes!), and basically haven't done much. Went to Annie's to drop off dvds, had a chat about Avatar 3D and psycho people, among other things. Panicked when the ps2 stopped working ten minutes into Adventureland, but I got it working again.

Zodiac - ****
Good. I heard the story ages and ages ago, it's excellent. My only problem with this movie is that it's too close to the real story, and thus is like 3 hours long nearly. It drags, but the start and end are really good. Definitely worth watching.

Tomorrow, want to basically do what I did today, but hopefully I'll have been paid, and if so, I'm picking up an iPod. Hell yes.



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