Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Second Annual Mad Dog Waterfight.

'Lo everyone.

So, today was really bloody hot. Not humid, just hot. Naturally, we decided to go to the park and spray water at each other.

Tom dropped in, gave him advice regarding food dye, then went to Diana's to pick up the slingshots, including the big badarse orange one. Got to the park, had a chat to Emily as we filled up some waterbombs. The rest of them slowly started arriving, by the time Pat and Denny rocked up we had about half a dozen and we started shooting the crap out of each other. The best part is we all had white tops, so the food dye made them all psychedelic. We waited ages for more girls to show up, then blew the hell out of them too. Alison was running around with a bucket at one stage, very clever.

After a horde of 545 kids left, it started getting really hot, so we decided to go to Emily's, as she has a pool. Felt good, man. Girls wouldn't let us inside at first, bit of drama and stuff. Too hot. Went to Foodies with Jess and Meg for squishies and supplies, hung out with the horde, jousted on inflatables, all good.

Then home, shower, and work. Function tonight, my favourite. Kept on top of the dishes, but they didn't stop til like 1030. Jesus. Finally got out of there around 1115, thank gaaawd. So tired.

And tomorrow is chillout day til drug run in the afternoon. It's supposed to have cooled down, which will be good.



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