Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rain King.

'Lo readers.

Second last day of school, omg. It was pouring rain today. Saw Isobelle and Sally shivering. What the hell is going on.

Anyway. Rode to school, the year twelve bit has been trashed, and so has a buttload of other lockers, apparently. Story so far is that some goddamn punk kids raided the school, opened up all the unlocked lockers and threw out everything. Thus, brand new textbooks and work and important stuff like calculators left outside in the rain all night, and heaps of pissed off kids in the morning.

My locker was locked, funnily enough, I don't usually lock it. So, I'm unscathed.

First up was media, watched some more Slumdog Millionaire, pretty meh.

Then a spaaare, pretty dull, populars had common room, so I ditched Alison and headed to the library, chilled with Belle and Molly.

Recess. More whinging about the vandals. Got to skip biology for a prizegiving rehearsal, dull as always. Most of the cool kids are in the band, and the other lot is too spread out.

Lit. Got through two presentations. We aren't going to be able to fit them all in. Ryan believes this will lead to lunchtime presentations. God I hope not.

Then lunchtime, fairly slow again. Was comfortably sitting in common room when droogs rocked up, we went to get a ball for gork but the place was empty, so we played in the rain. Sam dunked both Mollys in a puddle. Pretty nuts.

History with Mr Gaskill, finished one question, one to go, then got a buttload of holiday homework. Yay.

And then another spare. Chatted to Alison, Emma, Jordan and Caz over coffee. Tired as buggery.

After school, walked with Jess, went to cinema but it was shut, then picked up another book for lit, and caught up a bit with my old peer support leader Sarah.

Then went to Diana's, enjoyed free food, discussed pranking with PD, who reckons there were punk kids (sound familiar?) who got caught knocking over rubbish bins and were being made to clean it all up at 2am. I lol'd.

Then home, finished maths homework (such fun), then started hunting for the recently released bootleg for Melbourne. Couldn't find it for free, Beardman agreed to buy it, it was only $10 and I can pay him right back, it's all good. Will burn for Aiden, George, Ms Robbins, and whoever else is interested, it was a kickarse gig. Fraser stumbled home, had one beer and was twice as obnoxious as usual. I don't recall being offered beers at 14, what a jip.

Tomorrow is the last day of school. Naturally it'll drag like a bitch. Prizegiving too, god damn.



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