Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mirror Ball.

'Lo all.

Wednesday. Joy.

Denny and Ryan rocked up again today, and I remembered that I had to start the top secret operation that has to be done by like next Monday, not sure about post and all that. Need ideas though.

First up was media, watched a couple more films, discussed random stuff. I need to find myself a few sheep brains, some spraypaint, cheap earbuds, and a knife. That'll take care of some of this advertising campaign, oh yes. Might freak some kids out too.

And maths, stuck up the back, got half of the exercise done, more than most of them. I'm starting to wonder whether the stupidity one member of the class is displaying is genuine, it seems too stupid to be true.

Recess. Chilled. Kids were coming back and forth from the library, they announced prizes today. During the spare I had next, checked it out with Tom and Dayne, turns out I won two bloody merit certificates. This means that I'm wasting my evening next week to get two pieces of paper, while some kids take home hundreds of dollars worth of books. Ah well, if I won books I'd probably buy the international studies textbooks or something. Certificates were for biology and media, by the way. Spent rest of spare chilling in common room.

Then lit, since Jasper and Ruby were still lost we discussed Twilight. Mrs Dosser wants to burn the books. I have newfound respect for her.

Lunch was meh, so meh I can barely remember what we got up to. That's shameful, we probably did something cool that I should be writing down.

Sport was meh, populars vs the rest in indoor soccer, wouldn't be too bad if we didn't have heaps of meat shields clogging the field up. Pat and Kirk from year eleven had a brief fight. Not very often this happens. Kirk swung, connected, Pat dodged laughing, Kirk swings again, whole court starts laughing.

Chatted to Sarah and Isobelle on the way out, then home, then work. It was quiet. The potatoes and carrots had already been peeled. There was the stockpot to be washed, but it was surprisingly clean. I nicked off after just two hours. I need more money, hung around asking for more jobs, but they just ran out, so they let me go. Had to take the old oil out to the thingy outside and spilled some, which sucked. They played Ten on the iPod though, yay!

Then home, haven't exactly done a lot. Want to watch The Lovely Bones, but I dunno if I should read the book first or not.

Had an idea at work. A while ago I suggested to Diana to do a photoblog. I figure I could do something similar, seeing as next year's going to be pretty important. One photo per day, with the blogpost, then the photo goes on my wall in the shed. By the end of the year, if all goes to plan, I'll have most of the year stored away so we can look back and laugh in twenty years. Sound good or not? I'm not sure if I'd even be able to continue ye olde blog next year anyway. But still, if any of you lot have any thoughts, comment.

If I go through with it, my christmas list (of crap to buy for myself when it's cheap on boxing day, ha!), is a big iPod, new computer speakers, and a cheapo digital camera. Geeky much?

Tomorrow's Thursday. Can't really think of anything particularly good about that. I need more sleep.



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