Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Man Who Sold the World.

'Lo all.

Been a long time since we rock and rolled.

Since Monday, we had christmas, and I went to the cricket twice, and saw a movie.

Can't remember a lot of it.

Christmas wasn't too bad, went round to Diana's, had a few drinks with Mark and his new girlfriend, ended up talking cricket with PD, kids were going insane. Loot wasn't bad, some clothes off Diana and PD (hoodie's waaay too big though), bike toolkit of the Beardman, and I bought myself iPod. Which is big. Going to put library on it.

Boxing day test was pretty good, got the usual seats, Australia was frustrating (WATSON? KATICH? JESUS!), met Brian and Simon, had a look around in town (no money though), then on Monday went again with Aiden, again, it was frustrating at times, but Pakistan's grand plan was put the batsman on strike the whole time to avoid the 11th bloke getting out. Lots of blocks, not very exciting. We had a look at Bay 13 (quiet compared to Saturday), saw Simon again, chilled in the sun, and had reserved seats for the packed train home, was pretty good.

Most days have been like today, very quiet, haven't done a lot, Ryan dropped in with some goodies, and the horde went to the movies

Sherlock Holmes - ****
Very Guy Richie, he does this sort of plot very well. Robert Downey Jr was pretty good too. Sometimes the plot dragged a bit, I kept expecting Aleister Crowley to pop up. Still, not bad, would watch again.

After that, visited Jason, got some maccas, then split up. I'll see everyone on Thursday anyway.

So, tomorrow night I'll post again, 2009 wrapup and all that. Gotta see if I can get an efficient way of putting photos on too. Oh yeah, and I'm working, which will be fun.



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