Monday, December 7, 2009

Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven.

'Lo everyone.

I am tired.

Today was excellent, funnily enough. Not often I say that, I guess.

It was a casual day, first of all. This means that I can just wear whatever's closest instead of school uniform, and you get that karma feeling that you're donating to charity blah blah blah girls. They went nuts, naturally. Caught Bernice and Jordan making fun of the funny looking ones. And there were buttloads of poor kids who'd forgotten.

Anyway. The second reason is that technically I only had one real class today, due to a combination of rare good fortune and mad timetabling.

Seriously. Went to school for double spare so I could do lit homework, stressed, bored, blah blah blah, caught up with some kids in the library, then we heard Mrs Dosser was not at school. Goody and I were praying after recess. She didn't show up, so party in the common room!

'Nother double spare. Didn't really do a lot, hung out with the droogs, chilled out, all good. Claire and Isobelle are Dr Who nerds and they're proud of it.

Lunch. It was surprisingly warm outside. So I didn't do much. Isaac kicked a bottle onto the top of the shade thing, it dripped down onto Kelly Scharthingy, pretty funny.

After that, yet another spare as Mrs Ripon was at a conference. Went to the library, attempted to help Alison with her maths stuff, but they were all playing a trivia game and we got distracted.

Next was media, we watched more Slumdog Millionaire. Mrs Robbins is leaving at the end of the year to take up primary school teaching. Brave. I'll miss her, I think, she was alright in the end. Excellent taste in music.

After school, headed down the street, had some chips with the horde (literally, there was like ten of us at one stage), then went to work, where there were only three things. Briefly visited Somerton bloody Park rd, screamed all the way back, then my headphones broke when I grabbed a drink. Chilled out the front of the chicken shop til like 530, then went home, kids were going nuts, my headphones are properly munted, and history homework is dull and will need to be done tomorrow.

On the facebooks, we went nuts. Bernice posted something about school captains (the results were a little surprising, congrats to the kids who got it), so naturally Aiden, Pat and I ran with it. Michael Jackson for school captain 2010! Then Tom J spoiled it for everyone, so we decided to sing Bohemian Rhapsody. Bernice tired of this quickly and deleted the post. Shame. We were having fun. You should have joined in the singing.

So, naturally, tomorrow's going to suck arse. That's just how things work. I can't go to the prom for very long, and I can't go camping with Gav and Dayne cos of work. Going to have to go to prizegiving and suffer through the whole damn thing. Probably going to be dragged to goddamn carols to play.




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