Friday, December 4, 2009

The Distance.

'Lo everyone.

Like to start off by saying that since myspace is a ghost town (good god, have you all grown up or something?), the blog will not be crossposted there anymore, unless you really start whinging. You can find it directly through msn or go to the public one on blogger, I'll give you a link if you're stupid.

So anyway, today was one of those days where you just wanted it to end so you could go home and chill. These are not good days, really.

Got to school with a flat tyre, why does this keep happening. Double biology first up, had to do a prac involving alcohol and beetroot. Pretty quiet, cept for when everyone was stealing bottles off each other. Punk year elevens.

Recess, not really worth mentioning, I guess.

Then maths, Alison screamed through the work while Molly and I debated what to do for New Years (I say Isaac's, she says Lakes Entrance, so does Alison, but only cos there'll be no older kids at Isaac's [LAWL, kidding]), so I dunno what's going on yet. I know I want to be in town with the droogs, town being either Bairnsdale with Isaac or hanging out with the rest somewhere. Wingram tried to introduce me to screamo. Not going to happen, man.

History next, went over more Russia stuff, Annie and I failed spectacularly at the activity thing because we didn't realise there was stuff on the back.

Lunch. A little quieter. Read the short stories that needed to be read, had to laugh at the kids though. Oliver had a megaphone at one stage though, shouting about the casual day on Monday and generally being an annoyance.

And then lit, April did her thing, did alright, then Isobelle did her thing. There was a theme to her story about the community sticking together to achieve something, which Mrs Dosser jumped on, and she told us how the entire class was too scared to talk, unlike other year levels. Now, where have I heard that before? I couldn't help smiling, she's good, I'll give her that. Personally, the only reason I barely contribute is that everyone else has better contributions to make. Seems fair enough to me.

Then a glorious spare. I'm really hoping we get spares last on a Friday and double first up on a Monday next year. Enjoyed a coffee and some noodles, discussed books with Emma, year eight memories with Goody, and laughed at Sam's emo drawings. He's trying to get all of us down. I picked the guy that was flying, turns out he was hanging himself. I laughed. How fitting.

Then home, bike is being annoying, stole the BeardBike, then work was hell. Things all over the place. Saw Nick outside the park on my way to Valentine crs, what a coincidence. Had to go all over bloody town, sucked so much, but oh well.

Come home, wee bit dead, discussed the super top secret plan with Kelly and Annie, new plan, need to sort out what I'm going to do. Things may be a leettle later than I thought. Hurm. Then retreated to the shed for Shaun of the Dead and biology homework.

Tonight I plan on staying up late to download music, hopefully catch a certain French girl on the msns if she's around, then tomorrow is sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep in. And yes, I've been looking forward to this since last Saturday morning. Knowing my luck, someone will wake me up early.


Anyway, the end.

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