Thursday, December 3, 2009

Charging Swarms of Mouseketeers.

'Lo everyone.

Another one of those stinking hot days that end up raining and crappy by the end of it. Hurm.

So first up was extended homeroom, and everyone was asleep. I mean, Wiffy and I were half dead, cept for when Lulu and I were chatting about bio. Then chapel, Joy to the World and all that, slept through it, then a spare, which was kinda dull. Air conditioned though. Then recess, nothing interesting.

Bio was pretty quiet, I guess. Rant then a cut and paste activity. Meh. Girls were whinging about year twelve jackets. I don't blame them. Whoever had the idea of having our actual names down the front should have been shot. Stupid idea.

Then lit, Ruby did her thing but Mrs Dosser took over, then Jasper did his thing and Mrs Dosser took over. Meh. Mine will be meh too, I think. Going to give it a bit more of a marxist perspective to the feminist stuff we've been getting so far.

Lunchtime. Had a proper chat with Kelly since Denny was AWOL, which is good, then didn't really do much. Hung around in the shade, mostly.

History was alright, spent ten minutes talking about Rasputin, his death, and his preserved genetalia.

And finally media, started watching Slumdog Millionaire again. Emma and I were sighing the whole through as Oliver whinged.

After school, headed down the street for work, didn't have to visit Domain, but then my chain sodomised itself outside the very last place, which sucked. Carried bike home, made Fraser fix it. Diana and PD were around, got pizza, pretty good. At the moment, having just caught up on my correspondences (check your mailboxes), Fraser's listening to the Dark Side of the Moon (WHAT IS THIS NEW HERESY? WOW), and seems to be enjoying it (BUT WHY JESUS GOD WTF), and I'm looking forward to sleep.

We have like 3 and a half days of school left. This is awesome.



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