Thursday, December 17, 2009


'Lo readers.

Not much to report today either.

Didn't do much at home, then headed down the street as it started cooling down. Picked up a camera and memory card, then work, which was alright, nothing to write home about really.

Afterwards, got a lift to the cinema, met up with Hayden and Sam, saw Mewha and some year elevens.

Avatar - ***1/2
We saw this in regular, not 3D. So, my perception may be different to Alison's or something. It looks pretty good. But every time you see one of the smurfs, it kinda draws you out. Aliens are not meant to look this human. The tech is cool, I liked the dreadnought things. Plotline predictable, dialogue meh, Sam Worthington should just stick to an Aussie accent. The Last Samurai in Space, District 9 did it waaay better.

Went home, talking to Emma about cricket and trying to sort out this camera. I know how to turn flash on, yay.

Tomorrow, kids are going away, I might have to work. Hope I don't.



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