Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Wrap-up.

'Lo all.

So, this is the big one. 2009, what a year, etc, cliche. Here's something I prepared earlier, and posting today because I'm going out tomorrow, thank gawd.

Since Emma's drafting hers, I'm drafting this. I should really stop listening to depressing music for this. Maybe I should write two, one with happy music and one with sad music, just to see if I get two different posts. Too many variables, I guess, specially experimenter effect.

On that note, school was survivable this year. Passed all my subjects, which was my goal. Didn't aim to do well, just pass. Doing well was bonus. Not to say I didn't work, hell, some lit stuff was absolute torture, but I guess I was rewarded for it. Lit wasn't too bad, looking back, though I'd remove any trace of Baz Lurhmann from the curriculum. Psych was actually pretty good, because I only had like three almostfriends (and Shona) in that class, I concentrated more. But because so many kids do it, the results get a bit distorted. Oh well. I enjoyed it. History was good too, I think, we did some interesting stuff. Media was alright, after a rocky start and crappy project, got to like the new teacher, did alright all up. Bio was good, I liked Mrs Moy, and Mr Bacon's pretty cool, got me a fancy certificate at the end of the year for it. And maths. Lol.

Other than all that, school wasn't too bad. Survived the deb, grudgingly. Had no deb party afterwards, so no motivation other than make Lulu happy. Think I did that. No mad camps, couple of insane excursions. Nick Harris shouting at Mrs Dyke over a watermelon will be a treasured memory forever, I think. Deathball was pretty fun, specially when the year twelves were chucking basketballs at Gavin, poor bastard.

And as we begin to struggle, I've flicked open all the titles of stuff on the blogger thing. This will be the 300th post for the year, and 550th on blogger. How weird is that. Seriously. Nearly two whole years of my life recorded digitally. I'll rant more on this later.

Extra curricular wise, we had the big Black Saturday bushfires, which burned down the farmhouse at Taggerty, nearly burnt down the Noonan's house and Emma's house, and made the sky turn all trippy. Relay for Life was pretty important, I spose, since I was the last bastard awake basically. Damn kids quitting on me. The One Night Stand was pretty awesome except for all the douchebags and their death pits. Had a mad zombie photoshoot, that was cool.

Important stuff now. Since discovering how to download things efficiently, I've tripled my music library to a good 30ish gigs. This is a lot. The playlist has also doubled. Contributions from Emma, George, Bernice, Claire, Aiden, Ryan, Isobelle, and Isaac, thanks kids. Listened to more triple J, and started vaguely following pitchfork, and I'm not a big fan of this new indie craze. It's just bland, sorry. At least the emos are slowly dying out. Stupid band names like Bring Me the Horizon just make it seem stupider. Rocknroll, that's where it's at. Them Crooked Vultures, Jack white's new outfit, Powderfinger, Pearl Jam, all new albums this year, Pearl Jam's wasn't bad, and I'm still debating whether or not to get tickets for TCV next year. Oh yeah, Aiden and I went to Pearl Jam at Telstra Dome, it was incredible.

Movies. Yesterday's post was all the movie reviews. Overall, I think it was pretty dire. Transformers 2 was big, dumb, loud, and crap, Avatar looked good but there wasn't much of a story. I did like Inglourious Basterds, District 9, and Watchmen though. I watched a lot of really good movies, like The Machinist and Memento, that have become favourites. I'm restoring my karmic balance by downloading obscene amounts of music, but buying dvds. So far the only one I've regretted is The Blair Witch Project.

What else have we got... Sick of band, will stick around at school for the camp though. Came fourth in the cross country, then meh in the ones after that. Got a pair of converses, am I hip now? Many thanks to Aiden for getting me a drug running gig at the chemist's, which I've been enjoying for nearly a year now, and I'm still at Bis which is cool. All the chefs are good people. Got my 120 hours of driving, really looking forward to getting my Ps for our roadtrip to schoolies.

Oh yeah, social stuff. Went to a few mad parties and a few boring ones, met some new friends like Jasmine, developed a taste for Mr Beam's bourbon, and generally lost faith in humanity. Isn't that fun? Keep telling myself things could always be worse, so I figure I'm still sane.

The Beardman has shaved the beard, unfortunately, but he's still alive, which is good. Fraser is growing more and more rebellious because he's a teenager and that's what teenagers do, he's got 10mm stretchers in his ears and they're growing all the time, which seem to contribute to him being a dick, though for some reason he went through an "old music" phase and asked for all my Pink Floyd. The girls are growing up, I wonder if they'll be taller than me.

Big props to the cooler kids who made my year, like Aiden, Emma, Tom, Alison, Aiden, Ryan, Isobelle, Denny, Kelly, Sam, Bernice, Meg, Jess, Claire, Lulu, Nemo, Hayden, Isaac, Emily, Dayno Insano, Gav Daddy, Bradley, Annie and Belle, Molly, Bree, Molly, Sally, Jason, Agnik, Sarah and James, Pat, Tabby, Tara, Akari, Wingram, Jordan, Guy, Leighton, Caz, George and Megan and Rika, the Mad Dog Literature Class, Mrs Ripon's Awesome Squad, and anyone else I forgot. That's the problem with this sort of thing, you forget someone important. Not listed in order of importance, obviously, you kids are all cool.

Oh yeah, and Amaya, cos she deserves a special mention. Get back here.

Anyway. 550 posts and that's just on the public blog. That's insane! I can look back, and almost every title has a specific memory, like when we dissected that rabbit in biology or when Pat won the relay by overtaking every single other kid, then puked. I dunno if I'm sick of blogging yet. It's just something to do, and it's become a bad habit. More of you kids need to blog, even if you dunno what to write, Dayne, or you fully draft everything and write really good stuff, Emma. I miss Ryan's scathing attacks on randoms from way back. This whole blog thing has given me the opportunity to flick back and check things, and remember the good times and the crap times.

Next year, every day will have a photo. I'll take a few photos, pick the best, upload it and print it for my wall. Every day next year. If I don't post, I'll put two photos up the next day.

So here's the first one, since I'm probably not going to be here tomorrow. It's a photo of me. I don't know how to do this sort of thing, the lack of self esteem is useful in preventing me from taking embarrassing mirrorshots and editing them so they look worse (no offence, ladies). I figure I'll need this for when I cut my hair soon, because it's getting too long. So that's me, at the start of the most important year of my life, or so they say.

Funny lookin, isn't he. Little scamp. This right after work, so I'm filthy, and I need to shave that scumstache. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of the dramatis personae at Isaac's.

Tomorrow, I believe I'll go to Isaac's, get smashed, miss out on a new year's kiss, go home buzzing, then sleep. Start of a new decade, that'll make the third I've been alive in.



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