Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tertiary Tour.

'Lo readers.

We're all about alliteration here.

So, yeah, no post yesterday, was stuck in Melbourne.

After whinging about the buses (one went to one place and the other didn't, then there was a minibus), I got stuck on a meh bus. Lots of girls and couples. They put bloody Gossip Girl on, of course, and I had lent my iPod to Pat. Brad revealed he's a big fan, so him and Oliver (in a snappy hawaiian shirt [and you know what they say about that]) traded insults.

Monash in Churchill was alright, had a look around, didn't see much of the residences, but we saw the medicine facility with legs and arms in goo, which was awesome.

Back on the bus, half of us had neglected to grab food. Pretty boring all the way up, specially since they put god damn 17 Again on.

Next up was Swinburne, I think. This was pretty cool, they had escalators, one of the guides was cute (the other was faaaaat), and we got showbags! Woo! The residences were cool, looked pretty expensive, and they had lifts. Will be keeping an eye on this one I think, it looked good.

Another bus ride, on to Melbourne Uni, in the middle of the city. Looked a bit worn, but good information, I guess. Walked through the sports facilities to some of the residential colleges (fancy), got a look at some of the rooms, got free food, then we went to the hostel.

Oh god. Ten million bored, hot, stupid teenagers roaring through this building, up and down stairs, meddling in elevators, discovering the roof ("zomg, you can see forever!"), then the pool tables down the bottom, then away we went to RMIT.

Since it was the end of exams here, there were heaps of students sitting around drinking, including a couple of goth chicks dressed up and a guy in a velvet jacket. Some of the jocks joined a bball game, then we had a look through some of the buildings led by some ex-Grammar kids. Looks pretty good, I'm interested in finding out more though. Then they let us loose on Lygon st, and we went to the gelati places (lines were too long), so we went to 7/11, noted bastion of multiculturalism, for slushies. Mad slushies. We sat around enjoying the evening, then walked all the way back, and none of the cars hit us. Some kids had bought huge watermelons for an eating competition.

Back at the hostel, we snuck back in, while the teachers captured one of the watermelon kids, who promptly skitzed. He had some good points amongst the swearing. The entire year level was clustering on a balcony, or by people's windows to hear the tirade. We lol'd a lot. Then lots of wasting time, Wingram watched Family Guy, Oliver and the rest played bloody magic, and teachers wandered around looking at us all sternlike if we poked our heads out the doors. Crashed before one, I think.

Then this morning, wrenched awake, decided against visiting the roof again, went downstairs for breakfast and coffee, then away we went again. We got a bit lost on the way to the Bundoora (not Bendigo) campus for LaTrobe, which didn't seem too bad at all. Very big though. We got a show-folder? off them, which was cool.

Next was Deakin, which looked blindlingy new and expensive looking. All the buildings seemed to be named after chan boards. The accomodation there seemed ridiculously exclusive (200 kids only), but cheap and damn good. It all looks fancy, but we didn't see much of the facilities. I dunno. Keep an eye on this one too.

Short bus trip over to Clayton Monash, which seemed ok, residence looked good, and all the facilities look good on the inside. They have like a shopping mall, it was pretty cool.

Then the long bustrip home, Meg and Jess squabbled about getting away from the front, Meg ended up next to me and Jess had to go back to the front, and we discussed gossip (jesus I'm behind again), and laughed at all the couples. Wish I was in the minibus though. Should have swapped Aiden for me.

Back home, less noise but more annoying, not much in the way of news, though I'm pumped for tomorrow.

Speaking of which, tomorrow there won't be a blog post, as I'm getting up early and going to Melbourne again. Going to see this little band called Pearl Jam, I've heard they put on a good show.



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