Sunday, November 8, 2009

Supreme Commander.

'Lo all.

It's getting hot again.

So, woken up by Wiffy and Tom, who wanted Nirvana dvd and Half Life, then since I couldn't get back to sleep, onto the study. The folder had better stuff than the textbook, but my notes are lacking a bit. Ah well.

Denny and Sam dropped in after lunch, we rode to Aiden's, conned him into playing Denny's new game. I watched bemused. It's basically Age of Empires times a million. Huge maps. Pretty dull at times, but oh well. Went home, more study, got bored, played GH, felt bad, studied more, got bored, here I am.

Pumped for TCV album next week, and picking up some more movies. Which reminds me:

Ninja Scroll - ***1/2
Another anime classic, apparently. Not bad, made a bit more sense than the last one, still kinda messed up. Like a dwarf shooting wasps out of his back. Meh. And it's way better with subtitles.

Tomorrow, going to smash history, then finish maths. Just gotta stick around at school in between, dammit.



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