Friday, November 27, 2009

Shijurni Burning.

'Lo readers.

Friday. Thank gawd.

Today was pretty meh.

Double media first up, watched Snatch. Man it's good to hear Massive Attack in class.

Then recess, Gavin and I kicked fruit around, pretty quiet.

Maths was meh, finished the questions while Goody, April and Cooper had a Star Wars trivia thing that Finky was trying to get in on.

Then a spare. In the common room. Jack Johnson and coffee being passed around. Emma and I discussed getting wasted as Dayne and I tried to understand this biology stuff.

Lunch was fairly quiet, went for a walk with Jess, couldn't find anyone, went back to the horde, chilled out.

And then bio, and we had a ridiculous test on chemistry with buttloads of stuff that wasn't even in the textbook. Speaking of which, we were told not to use it, then a question told us too. WTF. So, we used the textbook.

History was alright, had to watch bits of Battleship Potemkin (not pokemon). Looks pretty meh, to be honest, but then it was made in the twenties.

After school, went home, chilled out, didn't do much cos I wasn't interested in homework. Right now Pirates of the Carribean is on, and it's meh. First one was better.

Tomorrow, sleep then hang out down the street, apparently. Hope the rest of you kiddies have fun at Erin's.


Anyway, the end.

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