Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pretty Vacant.

'Lo all.

Right. Had an idea about what to write but I forgot it.

So, today was Thursday, I think, and I kinda slept through my alarms for an hour. This is very stressful, cos you have to rush and argue about showering and skip essential things like caffiene.

So, was falling asleep in chapel after a lecture on how we should be examples to the school, then biology, and we messed around waiting for a sub, then idly flicked through the textbook to study for this surprise test that we didn't know what to study for.

Recess. Humid.

Double maths was meh, struggled through some mildly complicated questions with my half magic calculator while Wingram exclaimed about me having Massive Attack on my iPod, then asked if I had any Bring Me the Horizon, or some screamo band. Hurm.

Lunch was alright, went out to the Neil Forest to finish some history homework with Isobelle, Emily, and Finky, then it started raining and we went to the isk and shouted at noisy year nines. Well, Emily did. Abuse of power much? I dunno. Oh yeah, and I had a look at the common room that opened up today. Plastics have captured it, they were all sitting around the couches in a line, with Alison and Louise at one end looking awkward, and pretty crappy music blaring. If you're going to play crap like that, we're going to need a strobe light.

History next, went over homework, not too worried. Yet.

And lit, which went fairly quickly, once again we got a feminist reading out of this short story, and we have to pick two more to do 20 min presentations. Oh god.

After school, screamed down the street for work, ran into all sorts of people, and was home before it started raining. Hung out with Diana and PD, got my new kickarse tshirts (need skinny jeans and a vest, I could pass as a hipster *spit*), and then finished some bio homework. Hurm.

Tomorrow is double media, no lit Friday. Yay. No parties to look forward to over the weekend, but meh.




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