Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pearl Jam.

'Lo all.

This might go for a while, we have a lot of material to cover.

So, Friday morning, got a lift to the cinema, made sure I had my ticket, saw Ms Robbins at the station, caught a bloody bus to Traralgon. It took like an hour cos it did a loop of THE ENTIRE BLOODY DISTRICT. Seriously, we went through Heyfield! Anyway, got the right train, trip was pretty quiet, definitely getting more pumped when we arrived in Melbourne, though it was stinking hot.

We decided to have a look around the stadium first, did a loop around. The Ten Club line was already filling up, but our sections were relatively empty. Krispy Kreme for donuts and drinks, then we figured we had nothing better to do since we couldn't spend much money.

Got some merch, picked up a tshirt, and Aiden and I got one for George. Fairly expensive, but then, $45 here, $35 for a Billabong one or something. There was a Collingwood Pearl Jam shirt, I lol'd. Headed back to our little area, which was filling up very slowly. They had separate queue areas for the good field and the back field, and the good field was getting packed surprisingly quickly.

By four in the afternoon, there was about two dozen people in our bit, and they had to open a second bit for the other queue. Shame water was so expensive. We were pumped. Then a bald man came out to shout at us, and we got armbands, and then the gates opened, and we (very calmly, lest we get kicked out for running) walked to the fence, as close to the middle as we could.

If I may draw a diagram;
bugger it diagram didn't work on blogger. We were in the middle of the pitch, near the middle of the stadium, on a fence. We could see everything, and there were two huge video screens. We had a speaker tower on our right as well, so we could hear everything really well too. After grabbing some pizza and a shirt for Meg, Liam Finn and his friend rocked up. Crowd was fairly quiet so far, ten deep around the bars.

So, Liam Finn was pretty good, the girl played a lot of percussion, and he did drums and guitar, but not at the same time, lots of looping. Surprisingly good, like a mix of White Stripes and Portishead. They went nuts at the end with a theremin, he dropped it at one stage. Good warm up act.

Ben Harper next, played some new stuff. Fairly rocknroll, very skilled slide guitar stuff. Figure I might grab some more of his stuff. Aiden nearly wet himself when Eddie came onstage to do a cover of Under Pressure.

Waited a fair bit for Pearl Jam, Canadian (?) girl behind us said they wouldn't be on til 9 (WHAT), but they came on around 830, with some piano music. Launched into a slower song, Elderly Woman-, which was pretty good. The video screens were all up in black and white, pretty cool.

Then, "alright, here we go" from a still sober Eddie, and then Corduroy (ZOMG but no Interstellar Overdrive riff...), Animal (nearly screamed myself hoarse, this is a good singalong), and then Got Some from the new album. Mad light show. Went a bit slower after that, dedicated Brothers to the support bands, and Amongst the Waves for the surfers.

Then straight back into it, Even Flow for another big screamfest, with a maaad guitar solo, Oceans from the first album, Lukin was like a burst, then heaps of green lights for Green Disease, which I found I knew the words to. Force of Nature was pretty good from the new album, then Present Tense, which was way better live than the studio version.

Next up, Gonna See My Friend, dedicated to Nick Cave, and Given to Fly, dedicated to 'Mark' (MATTY!) Richardson from Richmond, pretty cool. Eddie messed up announcing the next song, instead of Glorifed G we got Daughter, which we shouted, with a chorus from Another Brick in the Wall at the end, which was so cool!

Then they played Glorified G, which is alright, good riff, and The Fixer, which the people next to us seemed to be looking forward to. Then... omg... Do the Evolution... Think we might have scared the people around us, Aiden and I went nuts. Holy god damn.

There was a break then, and Eddie came out to do a Neil Young song, and a pair girls behind us went nuts, singing along. Something for everyone. Just Breathe was another one that is better live than in the studio. Ben Harper came back on then, slide guitar solo on Red Mosquito, and a duet on Indifference, which was pretty cool. Then they broke out Ten, we sang along to Jeremy, they did Deep, sang along to Why Go as well while a security guard threw water around, and Porch, which was cool. Then another encore break.

Liam Finn came out for a duet on Throw Your Arms Around Me, which was cool, whole stadium roaring, then Black. Very, very, very cool. Broke out Spin the Black Circle and Aiden and I basically broke our necks headbanging. Then the riff to Alive, omg, whole stadium singing along, then Baba O'Reilly as the lights came on (great chorus), and then after checking on the crowd, they finished up with Yellow Ledbetter and kicked some footies into the crowd (Stone messed up, lol). As we climbed out of the stadium, ears ringing, we found an empty bottle of Jimmy, so there were definitely a few happy people in the crowd.

Closing thoughts: There were no brootal scene kids kicking up a deathcircle, thank gawd, the security guards with water was good, and despite a lack of Betterman and Rearviewmirror, we still got Alive and Do the Evolution. They were on stage about 2 and a half hours, they're saying about 45,000 people rocked up (stands were half full right up to the roof), and yes, the roof was shut.

Met Katie and James outside, saw Ms Robbins, hung out at their friend's apartment until the traffic died down, then went to another mate's house to crash after Letterman.

Awesome night.

Next day, woke up fairly late, Krispy Kreme again for donuts and coffee, then Katie left us at the station. Fairly quiet trip back to Sale except for some teenage girls who were standing at the end of the carriage on their way to Briagalong. Back home, dumped my stuff, checked news, then off to the cinema with my backup mask on, snuck in the front of the line.

Facepunch - **************
The Twilight Saga: New Moon -
No. Slow. Cheesy as hell. Bad, bad, BAD acting. Embarrassing effects (that is NOT a werewolf), and too many shirtless guys. Nemo seemed to enjoy it. This is a bad movie and you shouldn't see it. I wasted $14 and two hours on it. Fun to laugh about it, until you realise that.

After that, maccas, hung out with Alison, then home to resupply, met the droogs by the hospital, made another new friend with a confused looking and generous man, then we walked to the rowing sheds as it started raining to get a taxi to Sam's.

Paranormal Activity - *****
Yeah, I liked this one. Definitely kept up the tension through the whole movie, and the end was creepy. I want to go see it in a cinema still. Still, Isaac went a bit nuts, screaming, it was pretty good.

After that, chilled out with a few brewskis, then crashed.

Woke up today, watched South Park, played a bit of COD42 (I suck at console fps, can't aim), then we jumped in the pool. Decided to go to Sale early for chips. The wind picked up, and we went inside. Then it started pouring like a bitch. Like, sheets of rain. And then it was gone.

Got a lift home, Diana came round, discussed unis, chilled out, and then I retreated to the shed.

Buffalo Soldiers - ****
This one's good as well, though it's a bit light. It's fast though, and definitely worth seeing. I liked the training exercise.

And then discussed subjects with some kids, and checked out some reviews of Friday night. Apparently it was really, really good, says a lot of people, though a guy down the front puked in the mosh.

Right now, I'm enjoying the last few hours of year eleven. Tomorrow is when we start year twelve, how messed up is that? Double spare then double lit though, good and bad.

Apologies for the length, if you read through all that you're a champion.



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