Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nobody Loves Me and Neither Do I.

'Lo all.

So, today was school. The most amount of work we did was thinking about a poem. It was pretty good.

Watched the bonus features on this Live at the Garden dvd, realised I've now got 2 gigs from the Madison Square Gardens, about 30 years apart. Interesting. I had to laugh at Bushleaguer.

Anyway, went to school, we have a new homeroom that isn't one of the fancy year twelve rooms, which sucks. As long as I can access my locker on the weekend, I don't mind where we go. Speaking of lockers, cleaned mine out. Feels good to chuck all that crap out.

History was a bit scary, got the first exam back. I passed, which is good, but the class got shouted at because we didn't 'show off', which is why we all got low scores. I dunno. I put the facts in, but I don't show off, so I lose marks? Meh.

Then a spare in the library, we laughed at Ryan's graphics exam (he used a banana and honey in a suggestive way and was rewarded for it, well done that man), then rushed to the book sale, picked up some biology loot from Grace Anton and Beth Goodsell.

Recess, got some literature loot off Gavin from Emily Ross, then didn't do much.

Lit was scary, exams back (B!), and we had a poem read to us, which wasn't too bad, then we were told we had Ms Dosser next year. Oh god. Half the class had a heart attack, stupid Oliver laughed. I'm doomed next year, man, doomed!

Media wasn't too bad, got another exam back (Emma beat me by a handful of marks again!), went over that. Going over exams is excrutiating sometimes.

Lunch was fairly boring. Sparkles everywhere for some reason. Had another look at the book sale with Tom, our stuff hasn't been bought yet which sucks, then gave Bonnie's psych textbook to Pat. We laughed at how beat up it is.

Maths. Quiet. Tom is the best Gen F kid in the year, and Emma's not far behind him. Brenno mentioned me as well, but I got beaten on both exams, so meh.

Finally bio, and I passed this one too! On a roll. I beat Claire, she whinged about a question on bilby's ears, and we all laughed about the testes question. Stupid exam, really.

Dragged the contents of my locker home, chilled out, watched Borat, listening to Them Crooked Vulture's album again. A lot of keyboards in it, which I barely picked up the first listen. Still an excellent album.

Now I have to try and load up my iPod with it for tomorrow, cos we're going to Melbourne to check out universities and get ourselves banned from going within 100m of Lygon st, or something. Plan is when we get to Queens thingy, we ask about the band incessantly.

So yeah, no post tomorrow night unless I steal someone's hiptop. Don't like those things anyway.



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