Thursday, November 5, 2009

No More Psych.

'Lo readers.

Right. Back into exams. Woo.

Kept up last night (nothing wrong with The Smiths at 11, but Jethro Tull at 1am is pushing it), then dragged myself up in the morning, time seemed to run out as I finished the last practice exam.

Stood around flipping through the textbook, making sure I knew what was better out of variable interval and fixed ratio reinforcement schedules (the latter), then away we went. Had no real trouble, some of the questions were just fill in the blanks. One required you to be creative, I better get it right. Finished with a good half hour spare to stare out the window at year tens who waved and laughed at me. Bastards.

Recess was a relief, but I was buggered and unprepared for the lit practice thing we had next. Pulled the whole thing out of nowhere, bits of it probably won't make sense, but oh well. At least it's an attempt. Then off to the library to discuss Daria.

Lunch. Chatted to Ryan, Hayden was a dickhead, and Leighton was surrounded by a harem cos it was his last day. Poor bastard. Had a look at the year twelve jackets, they'll look alright, but I dunno if they're worth $80 if we can only wear them on Wednesday.

Maths was pretty meh, attempted to help a reluctant Alison with Jordan, Brendog shouted a lot, business as usual.

Then a proper spare. Zomg. Oliver, Emma and I hung around outside, then into the study room in the library to chat to the rest until Emily discovered how good the acoustics were. Hasty exit.

After school, work, which was fairly quiet, cept for a few punk kids who thought I was Fraser. Briefly went home to check news, flipped through textbook, then went to Diana's for food. Pretty good, too.

And now, after finishing the history thing, gotta do this 'easy' lit thing, then bed. Woo.

Tomorrow is the first maths exam, but after that I can go home if I'm feeling antisocial (and I usually am). Sometimes it's good to not do mainstream english, though it's a bit risky.

Hurm again.


Anyway, the end.

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