Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Fang.

'Lo everyone.

Right. Year twelve. Let's go. Yeah.

Dragged myself to school with Denny and Ryan, bloody assembly first up, they inducted the house captains (too many year elevens in there), and Aiden sung the school song louder than the rest of us put together.

First up today was media, I got sent to notMrJ's office for looseleaf and stuff, sorted out folder, started taking notes on production elements. I'm tempted to start storyboarding a few ads, I'll need at least four separate ones.

Then maths, for five minutes, lent the textbook to Wingram, then nicked off to a music lesson where I cut my lip and discussed unis with Mr C. Good times.

Two minutes of recess, then my first biology 3/4. Mrs Brown. Usually described as a lovable eccentric. Well, I guess it wasn't bad, but I have my doubts.

Then lit, turned that damn short story from Jindabyne into a feminist piece attacking male brutality and selfishness. I'm scared to contribute.

Lunch. Warming up by then. Everyone had nicked off, so off to the basketball courts, where we played a vicious but surprisingly fair game of soccer through a pair of year eight foursquare matches. Kept kicking the ball over the fence though, we're idiots.

History last, with Mr Ries. History looks like it'll be fun, we introduced the two revolutions we'll be doing and made sure we vaguely knew about communism.

Then a spare, finishing the maths work I missed, and annoying Alison. Just like old times.

After school, headed down the street for chips, heaps of kids said they were going down, but they didn't, so Ryan and I just enjoyed the chips. Picked up a new set of bloody headphones, hopefully they'll last a while.

Back home, haven't really been doing much. Not much to report though.

Tomorrow is indoor soccer, and no spare day. Joy.



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