Monday, November 9, 2009

Mutually Assured Destruction.

'Lo readers.

Right. Exams. Woo.

So, after condemning textbook (there's a good reason they're not inflicting it on the year tens next year), off to school, chill with the droogs, then we were in. Luckily, no real difficult questions, just one asking for your opinion that I may have misinterpreted. I like history. The essay wasn't too bad, ranted for two and a half pages about Berlin and Cuba, went pretty well. I think.

Recess, discussed exam with everyone, then when Emma and I headed off to grab our lit essays, trapped and abused by both Ms Henry and Mrs Cartledge. "Tuck your shirt in!" "Take your jumper off!" "No tshirts!" "You're adopted and nobody loves you!" Still, got an A on my essay, that's two As in lit so far.

Study sesh in the maths room was quiet, discussed lit and travel and music and movies with Isobelle, Ryan, Emma and Bernice while Tara and Clare argued. It was like that bit in Anchorman where they're smiling and giving each other death threats. Both crazy, must be the Bairnsdale water.

Lunch was good, Sam was feeling generous, then everyone went on the warpath against some rowdy year sevens who were having a waterfight. I swear we had more respect for the year elevens when we were in year seven. Maybe it's cos we were afraid of them, maybe it's because they were actually mature...

Anyway. Maths exam. Pat and Tom were squabbling over a drink bottle, then away we went. I may have screwed up two questions, but I don't really care. There were buttloads of ants on our bags because Pat had left half a roll for them, the bastard.

After that, down the street for KFC, saw Jasmine, Sam's trying to get everyone to play runescape again, and tried to con Denny into getting Supreme Commander going again. What the hell is going on...

Dragged to band, had tea there, had a chat to Mr C, since some of the Traralgon people were there. Pretty meh, the eupho player was a bit too enthusiastic.

Right now I'm teaching Fraser how to abuse Facebook through spam and explicit images. Muwhahahaha.

Tomorrow, day off. I plan on sleeping then feverishly reading as much of A Midsummer Night's Dream as I can. This exam will be interesting. Not looking forward to it. Just wish my dvds had come in. Ah well.



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