Monday, November 2, 2009


'Lo all.

Going to be quick tonight.

This morning was quiet, Denny and I explained our grand battleship plans to a bemused Ryan, then all these people came up to congratulate me. WTF.

Bio first up, pretty quiet, NEED TO EMAIL THING TO MR BACON DAMMIT.

Then psych, very quiet lesson, just Clemmo and I. Scary. We had a chat, still kinda awkward.

Recess. Slinging insults at people. Fun.

Lit next, fairly meh. Got into a class discussion (shock), Mrs Cartledge was so excited.

Then maths, Jordan and I nearly finished the revision questions. We kick arse.

Lunch. Dull. Sam made us all play the zombie game, then went down and wasted time.

Then history, started assessment thing, no one had done any research, Ms Henry wasn't happy.

And then media, had to talk to the class about oligopolies, pretty meh, kept getting interrupted. Discussed Full Metal Jacket with Pat, awesome movie.

Got home, PD and Diana dropped in, had a discussion about my future, as the Beardman got more and more wasted. He's reeling around pissing Fraser off at the moment, going to retreat to the shed in a sec.

Btw, signed up for Lockerz. If anyone wants an invite to a site where you get free stuff like iPods for serious reals, comment or email or something.

Think Amaya should come online.

Tomorrow is a glorious day off, going to chillax, finish this history thing, and sleep in.



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