Wednesday, November 25, 2009


'Lo readers.

Slow start today, real struggle to get up, then tired all day. Bring on the weekend.

Staggered to school, girls were crying, Kelly was in a car accident this morning. Felt genuine terror, but she's ok, she's texting people. In shock, apparently. Denny left halfway through to go see her. Jesus god.

Still a bit jarred as we went to media, but we started watching Snatch, which made Oliver keep on saying how much he loved it. And yes, it's a good film. I'm a little sad we're going to pick it to pieces until there's no entertainment value and I'll hate it.

Bio next, after some vague instructions we had to do some cutting and pasting. And we were shouted at for not doing the homework that we weren't set.

Recess. Quiet, I guess.

History after that, which wasn't too bad. Russian revolution still seems interesting, once we cut through the meh bit and get to the (Sunday) Bloody Sunday massacre and all that.

Then lit, partnered up with Bernice to pick apart the plot (lol) of a creepy story that seemed to be begging for a Portishead song to be playing in the background. Mrs Dosser seems to have a wry sense of humour.

Lunch was alright, it got really hot, so we played soccer like idiots, then suddenly sport was on and we were playing soccer like idiots. Not a fan of these marathon sessions, to be honest, but I guess it's better than being really bored. Just wish I was a better player, I guess. Afterwards, talked to Claire, decided to go to the pool with Sam, went home to change, swum in pool, laughed at kids we saw, bitched about school. The usual.

Went home, chilled out with Diana, and listened to Binaural. Swapped a copy of Them Crooked Vultures for it with Isaac. Not bad. Bonus track at the end of Parting Ways scared the bajeezus out of me.

So, tomorrow is Thursday. We have a new chaplain (master of sanctity? with a crozius?), who, according to Mrs Ripon is still young and full of hope. I give him a term. He's mucking around with chapel in the mean time, but meh. It's chapel. And Kelly, you be better be ok, and whoever else was involved.



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