Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Clockwork Orange.

'Lo everyone.

Well, that was interesting.

So, work yesterday, pretty quiet, half an hour before I could go I got so bored I lost myself in a storeroom.

Get home, get showered and ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence. Walked up, got some odd looks for the cane, then saw Potter and Louise on the corner in their outfits. They looked like hookers on the streetcorner, trying to get cars to toot. I think that's what they were going for.

Get to Jason's, meet up with the droogs, Aaron looks creepy as hell, Jason looks like a hooker, Jake's got a very very messed up mask on, Hayden's in a dress, and Isaac's got a bright orange jumpsuit. Girls looked pretty good too, Jess was a bit off her face already as a witch, Meg was a cat, Nemo was a pixie punk rocker. An old acquaintance came up and apologised profusely.

Then the rest slowly arrived. No one could take Aiden seriously in his batman suit (it was designed for a fatty, we concluded), Sam looked really scary with blood, gasmask, and giant bloody pickaxe, Kelly was a devil, Erin looked creepy, and Alison was an angel.

Lotta year nines there as well, surprised to see Ben Lawless as a nerd. They kept to themselves til we broke out the poker, which I didn't join. I've learnt my lesson.

Anyway. I was fairly responsible. Made a new friend called Jane, got to know her fairly quickly. Buttload of year tens rocked up from another party, they were unamused. Jason's mum went nuts at Josh Darby, and suddenly everyone was leaving, cept Sam and Isaac who were ridiculously wasted. Guess I was sorta sobering up by then.

Tagged along with Jordan, Alison, and another new mate Dylan, who were all a bit wasted to walk across town by themselves. We were headed to Jamie's house, but he was sticking with the others. Took us a while to get there, stuck around for a bit, then I headed out with Alison and Jordan to meet Alison's pommy mate. I said bugger it at that point, retreated back home to scare Beardman.

I should have stayed at Jason's a bit longer, I guess, but hell, the cops didn't get me, and I'm still alive. Very, very good night.

Made better by no hangover in the morning, of course. Arms were literally covered in mosquito bites. I look diseased. Well, more than usual.

Spent day trying not to get distracted on the internet, finished bio, finished media, nearly finished lit, and dunno what to do for history. Dunno what to do for a few things. Damn VLA.

Tomorrow's Monday, probably another bitchfest, there usually is. Meh. I'm tired. Not interested.



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