Monday, November 16, 2009

Chase the Devil.

'Lo readers.

First of all, I forgot yesterday's movie review.

The Blair Witch Project - **
Yeah... nah. Not that scary, you have to suffer through all this crap with whiny yuppies and boredom, but then it gets real good. But it's too brief. I dunno. Not enough scares for that much filler. The ending is excellent though.


Today, went to Traralgon with Diana, picked up new pair of boardies and another Pearl Jam dvd (this one had Ben Harper on it too), and Diana got a fancy massage. So many bogans, since most of the kids were at school.

Then home, chilled out with new dvd, it's a good performance, cept for some reason I can't seem to get stereo working on the tv.

Then band. Meh. Ben filled me in on what happened after I nicked off at Jason's (I lol'd), and how mozzies ate him alive at sea kayaking. Poor bastard, should have picked rock climbing.

Tomorrow is school, but I don't think we'll be doing much work, thank gawd.




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