Friday, November 6, 2009


'Lo all.

Right. Exams again.

Denny rocked up this morning to eat our fruit, the bastard, headed to school early and joined the queue for spare batteries. Then lined up out the front of the hall, just missed out on a window seat, and exammed. Maths is fairly easy when you've got the calculator and a magic textbook. Only question I had any trouble on I got right anyway cos it was a trick, and Jordan's a genius.

So, chilled with the rest, finished my history thing, went teacher hunting, and since the horde all seemed occupied with themselves (cept Ryan, who was pissed cos he forgot his exit pass), I left. Went for a drive with Beardman, picked up Ghost in the Shell, Akira, and some ninja movie for $20. Awesome.

Went home, chilled out, then Denny dropped in to take my Pearl Jam stuff, and eat more of our fruit. We decided to watch a movie since it was taking ages.

Akira - ***
Well, it's dated, and the dubbing isn't good. The pacing is pretty slow, by the end you just want it to hurry up, but some bits are pretty good. The start is pretty cool; movie would be better if it was more about cool motorbikes and less about grey freaks. The ending is disgustingly messed up. I might have to watch it again with subtitles, cos hell, the dubbing is distracting.

And no, I'm not much of an animoot fan, other than Ghost in the Shell. That's a good movie. Might go watch that now.

PD and Diana dropped in with Janine, had a chat, Fraser was a dick about getting food, discussed veiled racism and pranks. Going to have to try putting jelly things in the pool, might have to have a go at the oxycetalyne in the lights too, that might be fun.

Tomorrow, work. Sleep. Study for history. Meh.

Good to have something to concentrate on, I think, less stuff to whinge about.



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