Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blah blah perception blah.

'Lo readers.

I do enjoy sleeping in on a school day. Woke up late, caught Amaya on the msn during breakfast (she's doing well, made the same mistake twice though, you stupid! And it's a ranga, lol!), then checked second announcement for the BDO.

Shocked and disappointed at the blandness. They were rumouring The Dead Weather, or Vampire Weekend (meh) or Foals (still meh). We got Jet (lame) and a buttload of mehs. Simian Mobile Disco and Phrase are mehs. Oh well. It's a big day out, at least, and Tame Impala will be damn good.

Off to school after that, it was pretty quiet til I hit the study room and Isobelle and I started going over quotes I knew I'd forget pretty quickly. Tom was watching Nirvana in a corner, Emily was rolling around, and everyone was rushing in and out looking stressed. Oliver was teaching Jake Magic, god damn.

Then the exam, such fun. Screamed through the essay, then realised I was running out of time and had barely quoted the rest of the play. Bugger. Conclusion was a bit rubbish. The two passage things we had to do were brief but to the point, dammit. Excellent feeling leaving the hall.

Hung around a bit after that, then walked down for food with Emma and Oliver, who was ranting profusely about bloody Magic. Chips were good, saw Jess and Molly on their way to go bikini shopping, then Emily and Isobelle on their way to Emily's pool, then we got moving. Damn dvds haven't come in yet, but we hung out with Molly and Jess, went to the jewelery shop in the centre (do not smashandgrab, do not smashandgrab, do not smashandgrab), then Molly left and Jess, Oliver and I wandered around til I nicked off to check the news. Ryan dropped in to pick up a dvd, we checked out the special controversial scene from COD42 (COD6?), which was bloody but underwhelming.

Anyway. After all that fun and excitement, chilled out in the shed studying for media, fairly meh. Think I've got the hang of it all. We'll see.

Tomorrow is the media exam, funnily enough, then the bio exam, then the exams are all done. Joy. I'd celebrate if I wasn't working Friday night.



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