Thursday, November 12, 2009

Auxin you good.

'Lo all.

Finished exams now, thank gawd. Don't need to worry about them for another six months.

Got up this morning, dragged around with the media kids, then away we went. Not a bad exam, though I ranted a bit and forgot what the ACCC stood for. Meh. I know Emma's beaten me, and Bernice. Ah well.

Then recess, chilled out, and then dug in at the library. Took ages to print off a practice exam, but we got there in the end. Isaac and I whinged about it for a while, then they kicked us all out. We surmised it was so the sevies could get their mandatory ten minutes of sunlight per day. Funnily enough, we were straight back in there, flipping through the textbook while Sally attempted to study.

Away again, this time I got a window seat. They held us in for five bloody minutes. The exam was actually easier than the practice stuff, though I finished with forty bloody minutes spare. Aiden dropped in around the end, pointing and laughing at us through the window, the bastard.

After school, headed down the street, picked up a pair of dvds, then work, which was very quiet. Spent ages hunting for a missing package, but they said they were picking it up tomorrow anyway. Waste of time. Had to drop into school, scared Sally and Agnik. Lawl. Caught up with Diana on the way home, Fraser's being a dick. He's fourteen, which just makes it amusing. Can't take him seriously.

So, back home, chilled out, found the $6 tees site, and watched Dazed and Confused, which is damn good. You lot probably wouldn't like it, but it's still good.

Tomorrow, the plan is sleep, then work. Oh well. Least there's no school. 4 day weekend.



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