Monday, November 23, 2009

And here we go.

'Lo all.

Strange times, man. First day of year twelve.

Hate waking up for school, Denny and I moseyed to school fairly early to grab the best lockers. Everyone was a bit excited, funny that. Grabbed a top locker outside (allows access over the weekend, much more convenient), and got Mrs Ripon's blessing, then we had a year level assembly where we were yelled at for not growing up and telling on our friends. Hurm.

Got my timetable, holy crap double spare first up, so went to the library and chilled out til that got boring, then wandered around. I'm enjoying spares so far.

Then recess, caught up with the droogs about what everyone got up to, lot more people are terrified of Mrs Dosser, funny that.

Holy god damn, double lit. We read one Tim Winton short story, which was alright, and then picked it to pieces and linked it to Reaganism. Next year will be interesting.

Lunch. Joy. Wandered around, checked out the punk year tens who took our lockers. They're basically our equivalents, which is good. Make us proud, kiddies.

Maths next, with Mrs Ripon, who was ok. I need to find myself a good spot, I think, stuffy classroom. I don't think I'll have much problem with this class.

Then media, went over what we'll be doing, briefly discussed Pearl Jam. We have two new kids in the year level, one is a girl from Emma's old school and the other is Jasper's matey, who's in our media class. So is Aino from Finland.

After school was band, dull, Aiden was pumped for whatever reason. Stayed too late talking to Claire, then had to go down the street, ran into Sally, then home, checked news, band again, bored to death, and now here I am.

Tomorrow, not sure, think it might be an everything day, but I know I've got another spare 6th, which is cool as.

All you rellies reading this, don't comment about little alexander growing up, because everyone is still freaked out about it. I know I am. Bring on the holidays.



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