Monday, November 30, 2009

21st Century Schizoid Man/Breakerfall.

Here's Sunday and Monday, kiddies.

'Lo all.

Going to make this really quick.

Work today, it went pretty slowly, time to think, which is dangerous, as usual. Cut myself with a piece of metal in the first thirty seconds, great start.

Went home, studied, I read half of that damn beach book for lit, picked two stories, got a very basic plan that I'll refine tomorrow when I know more about whatever the hell we have to do. And history. Hurm. PD and Diana rocked up, I need to work out this Europe thing. Which reminds me, Amaya should go online more, specially when semi-insomniacs are up on the weekends!

So, tomorrow's Monday, which is always my favourite.



and again.

'Lo readers.

Ah, I hate Mondays.

Ryan and I reluctantly dragged ourselves to school, caught up with the droogs. Alison was a fountain, Emma groped some statues, business as usual. Spare first up, thank gawd.

Then bio, crash course in carbohydrates and proteins, I think. I'm getting the distinct feeling that bio is just going to be a year of crash courses. Georgia and Akari stole our seats too, so we were stuck up the back. Punk kids. I miss Gavdog and Lulu and Zulaikha and Claire, not that Dayne, Meg and Nemo aren't cool.

Recess, everyone nicks off to the common room now, it's actually pretty good, cos it's all quiet. Caught up with some more people, wasn't too bad.

Then history, got a practice thing tomorrow. Mr Ries gets pretty enthusiastic about it, but he's got a similar approach to what I have, so it's all good.

And media, went over Snatch a bit more. Sick of Oliver's whinging, it's only going to get worse when we start watching bloody Slumdog Millionaire.

Lunch. Pretty slow. Meg rescued Tom and I at one point, then we decided to visit the common room. Isaac, Sam and Hayden were busy sandwich-pressing a banana, which came out looking like a piece of fish, and we made a hasty exit after dumping it in a bin. Then they conquered the top of the lockers til Mrs Clemens stared at them.

Lit was weird, teacher was late, spoke to us for ten minutes, then nicked off. We chilled out, sucks to be Jasper and Ruby who have their talk thingies tomorrow.

Finally maths, kids went insane, chatted to Molly and Alison, who's suddenly super serial about maths. Weird. Maybe she wants to beat Tom.

After school, band, dull, then hung out with the leftovers. Maddy and I became great friends, then it was just Claire and Emily and me, and it was too cold and headwindy to ride home. Meh.

After dinner, band, dull, girls and The Bearded One got trophies, performed in front of everyone. Fraser got best learner or something, because he broke his teeth. And he wants to quit next year, the idiot, they'll drag him back. Caught up with Mrs Lawless too, apparently I'm doing similar subjects to Courtney, hurm.

And now here I am. Signs is on, that was a creepy movie back in the day. I'm kicking myself because I missed the best opportunity ever this afternoon, and now I'm stuck with it. Hurm.

Tomorrow is double history Tuesday, as usual. Can't wait.



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