Monday, November 30, 2009

21st Century Schizoid Man/Breakerfall.

Here's Sunday and Monday, kiddies.

'Lo all.

Going to make this really quick.

Work today, it went pretty slowly, time to think, which is dangerous, as usual. Cut myself with a piece of metal in the first thirty seconds, great start.

Went home, studied, I read half of that damn beach book for lit, picked two stories, got a very basic plan that I'll refine tomorrow when I know more about whatever the hell we have to do. And history. Hurm. PD and Diana rocked up, I need to work out this Europe thing. Which reminds me, Amaya should go online more, specially when semi-insomniacs are up on the weekends!

So, tomorrow's Monday, which is always my favourite.



and again.

'Lo readers.

Ah, I hate Mondays.

Ryan and I reluctantly dragged ourselves to school, caught up with the droogs. Alison was a fountain, Emma groped some statues, business as usual. Spare first up, thank gawd.

Then bio, crash course in carbohydrates and proteins, I think. I'm getting the distinct feeling that bio is just going to be a year of crash courses. Georgia and Akari stole our seats too, so we were stuck up the back. Punk kids. I miss Gavdog and Lulu and Zulaikha and Claire, not that Dayne, Meg and Nemo aren't cool.

Recess, everyone nicks off to the common room now, it's actually pretty good, cos it's all quiet. Caught up with some more people, wasn't too bad.

Then history, got a practice thing tomorrow. Mr Ries gets pretty enthusiastic about it, but he's got a similar approach to what I have, so it's all good.

And media, went over Snatch a bit more. Sick of Oliver's whinging, it's only going to get worse when we start watching bloody Slumdog Millionaire.

Lunch. Pretty slow. Meg rescued Tom and I at one point, then we decided to visit the common room. Isaac, Sam and Hayden were busy sandwich-pressing a banana, which came out looking like a piece of fish, and we made a hasty exit after dumping it in a bin. Then they conquered the top of the lockers til Mrs Clemens stared at them.

Lit was weird, teacher was late, spoke to us for ten minutes, then nicked off. We chilled out, sucks to be Jasper and Ruby who have their talk thingies tomorrow.

Finally maths, kids went insane, chatted to Molly and Alison, who's suddenly super serial about maths. Weird. Maybe she wants to beat Tom.

After school, band, dull, then hung out with the leftovers. Maddy and I became great friends, then it was just Claire and Emily and me, and it was too cold and headwindy to ride home. Meh.

After dinner, band, dull, girls and The Bearded One got trophies, performed in front of everyone. Fraser got best learner or something, because he broke his teeth. And he wants to quit next year, the idiot, they'll drag him back. Caught up with Mrs Lawless too, apparently I'm doing similar subjects to Courtney, hurm.

And now here I am. Signs is on, that was a creepy movie back in the day. I'm kicking myself because I missed the best opportunity ever this afternoon, and now I'm stuck with it. Hurm.

Tomorrow is double history Tuesday, as usual. Can't wait.



Saturday, November 28, 2009

The First Breath You Take After You Give Up.

'Lo readers.

Today, the plan was to sleep in, then maybe hang out with the other rejects.

So I did. Bossman woke me up at like nine, but due to my other plans I had to say no to more work. In hindsight, I'm an idiot. I definitely should have taken the work.

Anyway. Woken up at 12ish by Jess ringing, moseyed down to the centre to hang with her and Potter and Emily, then Leighton and Howie rocked up, we hung out and laughed at the christmas dressups, including the kung fu panda that hugged us all. We managed to waste a good four hours doing nothing. And I mean waste. Bored.

Then home, refueled, headed back down the street and hung out with Jess, wandered around, didn't do much, things got interesting when Nick arrived unrepentant about his watermelon, then we headed past maccas and Fraser's little friends back to her place, and I walked home with all this lightning flashing. Kinda eerie.


Tomorrow is work and homework, my favourite.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Shijurni Burning.

'Lo readers.

Friday. Thank gawd.

Today was pretty meh.

Double media first up, watched Snatch. Man it's good to hear Massive Attack in class.

Then recess, Gavin and I kicked fruit around, pretty quiet.

Maths was meh, finished the questions while Goody, April and Cooper had a Star Wars trivia thing that Finky was trying to get in on.

Then a spare. In the common room. Jack Johnson and coffee being passed around. Emma and I discussed getting wasted as Dayne and I tried to understand this biology stuff.

Lunch was fairly quiet, went for a walk with Jess, couldn't find anyone, went back to the horde, chilled out.

And then bio, and we had a ridiculous test on chemistry with buttloads of stuff that wasn't even in the textbook. Speaking of which, we were told not to use it, then a question told us too. WTF. So, we used the textbook.

History was alright, had to watch bits of Battleship Potemkin (not pokemon). Looks pretty meh, to be honest, but then it was made in the twenties.

After school, went home, chilled out, didn't do much cos I wasn't interested in homework. Right now Pirates of the Carribean is on, and it's meh. First one was better.

Tomorrow, sleep then hang out down the street, apparently. Hope the rest of you kiddies have fun at Erin's.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pretty Vacant.

'Lo all.

Right. Had an idea about what to write but I forgot it.

So, today was Thursday, I think, and I kinda slept through my alarms for an hour. This is very stressful, cos you have to rush and argue about showering and skip essential things like caffiene.

So, was falling asleep in chapel after a lecture on how we should be examples to the school, then biology, and we messed around waiting for a sub, then idly flicked through the textbook to study for this surprise test that we didn't know what to study for.

Recess. Humid.

Double maths was meh, struggled through some mildly complicated questions with my half magic calculator while Wingram exclaimed about me having Massive Attack on my iPod, then asked if I had any Bring Me the Horizon, or some screamo band. Hurm.

Lunch was alright, went out to the Neil Forest to finish some history homework with Isobelle, Emily, and Finky, then it started raining and we went to the isk and shouted at noisy year nines. Well, Emily did. Abuse of power much? I dunno. Oh yeah, and I had a look at the common room that opened up today. Plastics have captured it, they were all sitting around the couches in a line, with Alison and Louise at one end looking awkward, and pretty crappy music blaring. If you're going to play crap like that, we're going to need a strobe light.

History next, went over homework, not too worried. Yet.

And lit, which went fairly quickly, once again we got a feminist reading out of this short story, and we have to pick two more to do 20 min presentations. Oh god.

After school, screamed down the street for work, ran into all sorts of people, and was home before it started raining. Hung out with Diana and PD, got my new kickarse tshirts (need skinny jeans and a vest, I could pass as a hipster *spit*), and then finished some bio homework. Hurm.

Tomorrow is double media, no lit Friday. Yay. No parties to look forward to over the weekend, but meh.




Wednesday, November 25, 2009


'Lo readers.

Slow start today, real struggle to get up, then tired all day. Bring on the weekend.

Staggered to school, girls were crying, Kelly was in a car accident this morning. Felt genuine terror, but she's ok, she's texting people. In shock, apparently. Denny left halfway through to go see her. Jesus god.

Still a bit jarred as we went to media, but we started watching Snatch, which made Oliver keep on saying how much he loved it. And yes, it's a good film. I'm a little sad we're going to pick it to pieces until there's no entertainment value and I'll hate it.

Bio next, after some vague instructions we had to do some cutting and pasting. And we were shouted at for not doing the homework that we weren't set.

Recess. Quiet, I guess.

History after that, which wasn't too bad. Russian revolution still seems interesting, once we cut through the meh bit and get to the (Sunday) Bloody Sunday massacre and all that.

Then lit, partnered up with Bernice to pick apart the plot (lol) of a creepy story that seemed to be begging for a Portishead song to be playing in the background. Mrs Dosser seems to have a wry sense of humour.

Lunch was alright, it got really hot, so we played soccer like idiots, then suddenly sport was on and we were playing soccer like idiots. Not a fan of these marathon sessions, to be honest, but I guess it's better than being really bored. Just wish I was a better player, I guess. Afterwards, talked to Claire, decided to go to the pool with Sam, went home to change, swum in pool, laughed at kids we saw, bitched about school. The usual.

Went home, chilled out with Diana, and listened to Binaural. Swapped a copy of Them Crooked Vultures for it with Isaac. Not bad. Bonus track at the end of Parting Ways scared the bajeezus out of me.

So, tomorrow is Thursday. We have a new chaplain (master of sanctity? with a crozius?), who, according to Mrs Ripon is still young and full of hope. I give him a term. He's mucking around with chapel in the mean time, but meh. It's chapel. And Kelly, you be better be ok, and whoever else was involved.



Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Fang.

'Lo everyone.

Right. Year twelve. Let's go. Yeah.

Dragged myself to school with Denny and Ryan, bloody assembly first up, they inducted the house captains (too many year elevens in there), and Aiden sung the school song louder than the rest of us put together.

First up today was media, I got sent to notMrJ's office for looseleaf and stuff, sorted out folder, started taking notes on production elements. I'm tempted to start storyboarding a few ads, I'll need at least four separate ones.

Then maths, for five minutes, lent the textbook to Wingram, then nicked off to a music lesson where I cut my lip and discussed unis with Mr C. Good times.

Two minutes of recess, then my first biology 3/4. Mrs Brown. Usually described as a lovable eccentric. Well, I guess it wasn't bad, but I have my doubts.

Then lit, turned that damn short story from Jindabyne into a feminist piece attacking male brutality and selfishness. I'm scared to contribute.

Lunch. Warming up by then. Everyone had nicked off, so off to the basketball courts, where we played a vicious but surprisingly fair game of soccer through a pair of year eight foursquare matches. Kept kicking the ball over the fence though, we're idiots.

History last, with Mr Ries. History looks like it'll be fun, we introduced the two revolutions we'll be doing and made sure we vaguely knew about communism.

Then a spare, finishing the maths work I missed, and annoying Alison. Just like old times.

After school, headed down the street for chips, heaps of kids said they were going down, but they didn't, so Ryan and I just enjoyed the chips. Picked up a new set of bloody headphones, hopefully they'll last a while.

Back home, haven't really been doing much. Not much to report though.

Tomorrow is indoor soccer, and no spare day. Joy.



Monday, November 23, 2009

And here we go.

'Lo all.

Strange times, man. First day of year twelve.

Hate waking up for school, Denny and I moseyed to school fairly early to grab the best lockers. Everyone was a bit excited, funny that. Grabbed a top locker outside (allows access over the weekend, much more convenient), and got Mrs Ripon's blessing, then we had a year level assembly where we were yelled at for not growing up and telling on our friends. Hurm.

Got my timetable, holy crap double spare first up, so went to the library and chilled out til that got boring, then wandered around. I'm enjoying spares so far.

Then recess, caught up with the droogs about what everyone got up to, lot more people are terrified of Mrs Dosser, funny that.

Holy god damn, double lit. We read one Tim Winton short story, which was alright, and then picked it to pieces and linked it to Reaganism. Next year will be interesting.

Lunch. Joy. Wandered around, checked out the punk year tens who took our lockers. They're basically our equivalents, which is good. Make us proud, kiddies.

Maths next, with Mrs Ripon, who was ok. I need to find myself a good spot, I think, stuffy classroom. I don't think I'll have much problem with this class.

Then media, went over what we'll be doing, briefly discussed Pearl Jam. We have two new kids in the year level, one is a girl from Emma's old school and the other is Jasper's matey, who's in our media class. So is Aino from Finland.

After school was band, dull, Aiden was pumped for whatever reason. Stayed too late talking to Claire, then had to go down the street, ran into Sally, then home, checked news, band again, bored to death, and now here I am.

Tomorrow, not sure, think it might be an everything day, but I know I've got another spare 6th, which is cool as.

All you rellies reading this, don't comment about little alexander growing up, because everyone is still freaked out about it. I know I am. Bring on the holidays.



Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pearl Jam.

'Lo all.

This might go for a while, we have a lot of material to cover.

So, Friday morning, got a lift to the cinema, made sure I had my ticket, saw Ms Robbins at the station, caught a bloody bus to Traralgon. It took like an hour cos it did a loop of THE ENTIRE BLOODY DISTRICT. Seriously, we went through Heyfield! Anyway, got the right train, trip was pretty quiet, definitely getting more pumped when we arrived in Melbourne, though it was stinking hot.

We decided to have a look around the stadium first, did a loop around. The Ten Club line was already filling up, but our sections were relatively empty. Krispy Kreme for donuts and drinks, then we figured we had nothing better to do since we couldn't spend much money.

Got some merch, picked up a tshirt, and Aiden and I got one for George. Fairly expensive, but then, $45 here, $35 for a Billabong one or something. There was a Collingwood Pearl Jam shirt, I lol'd. Headed back to our little area, which was filling up very slowly. They had separate queue areas for the good field and the back field, and the good field was getting packed surprisingly quickly.

By four in the afternoon, there was about two dozen people in our bit, and they had to open a second bit for the other queue. Shame water was so expensive. We were pumped. Then a bald man came out to shout at us, and we got armbands, and then the gates opened, and we (very calmly, lest we get kicked out for running) walked to the fence, as close to the middle as we could.

If I may draw a diagram;
bugger it diagram didn't work on blogger. We were in the middle of the pitch, near the middle of the stadium, on a fence. We could see everything, and there were two huge video screens. We had a speaker tower on our right as well, so we could hear everything really well too. After grabbing some pizza and a shirt for Meg, Liam Finn and his friend rocked up. Crowd was fairly quiet so far, ten deep around the bars.

So, Liam Finn was pretty good, the girl played a lot of percussion, and he did drums and guitar, but not at the same time, lots of looping. Surprisingly good, like a mix of White Stripes and Portishead. They went nuts at the end with a theremin, he dropped it at one stage. Good warm up act.

Ben Harper next, played some new stuff. Fairly rocknroll, very skilled slide guitar stuff. Figure I might grab some more of his stuff. Aiden nearly wet himself when Eddie came onstage to do a cover of Under Pressure.

Waited a fair bit for Pearl Jam, Canadian (?) girl behind us said they wouldn't be on til 9 (WHAT), but they came on around 830, with some piano music. Launched into a slower song, Elderly Woman-, which was pretty good. The video screens were all up in black and white, pretty cool.

Then, "alright, here we go" from a still sober Eddie, and then Corduroy (ZOMG but no Interstellar Overdrive riff...), Animal (nearly screamed myself hoarse, this is a good singalong), and then Got Some from the new album. Mad light show. Went a bit slower after that, dedicated Brothers to the support bands, and Amongst the Waves for the surfers.

Then straight back into it, Even Flow for another big screamfest, with a maaad guitar solo, Oceans from the first album, Lukin was like a burst, then heaps of green lights for Green Disease, which I found I knew the words to. Force of Nature was pretty good from the new album, then Present Tense, which was way better live than the studio version.

Next up, Gonna See My Friend, dedicated to Nick Cave, and Given to Fly, dedicated to 'Mark' (MATTY!) Richardson from Richmond, pretty cool. Eddie messed up announcing the next song, instead of Glorifed G we got Daughter, which we shouted, with a chorus from Another Brick in the Wall at the end, which was so cool!

Then they played Glorified G, which is alright, good riff, and The Fixer, which the people next to us seemed to be looking forward to. Then... omg... Do the Evolution... Think we might have scared the people around us, Aiden and I went nuts. Holy god damn.

There was a break then, and Eddie came out to do a Neil Young song, and a pair girls behind us went nuts, singing along. Something for everyone. Just Breathe was another one that is better live than in the studio. Ben Harper came back on then, slide guitar solo on Red Mosquito, and a duet on Indifference, which was pretty cool. Then they broke out Ten, we sang along to Jeremy, they did Deep, sang along to Why Go as well while a security guard threw water around, and Porch, which was cool. Then another encore break.

Liam Finn came out for a duet on Throw Your Arms Around Me, which was cool, whole stadium roaring, then Black. Very, very, very cool. Broke out Spin the Black Circle and Aiden and I basically broke our necks headbanging. Then the riff to Alive, omg, whole stadium singing along, then Baba O'Reilly as the lights came on (great chorus), and then after checking on the crowd, they finished up with Yellow Ledbetter and kicked some footies into the crowd (Stone messed up, lol). As we climbed out of the stadium, ears ringing, we found an empty bottle of Jimmy, so there were definitely a few happy people in the crowd.

Closing thoughts: There were no brootal scene kids kicking up a deathcircle, thank gawd, the security guards with water was good, and despite a lack of Betterman and Rearviewmirror, we still got Alive and Do the Evolution. They were on stage about 2 and a half hours, they're saying about 45,000 people rocked up (stands were half full right up to the roof), and yes, the roof was shut.

Met Katie and James outside, saw Ms Robbins, hung out at their friend's apartment until the traffic died down, then went to another mate's house to crash after Letterman.

Awesome night.

Next day, woke up fairly late, Krispy Kreme again for donuts and coffee, then Katie left us at the station. Fairly quiet trip back to Sale except for some teenage girls who were standing at the end of the carriage on their way to Briagalong. Back home, dumped my stuff, checked news, then off to the cinema with my backup mask on, snuck in the front of the line.

Facepunch - **************
The Twilight Saga: New Moon -
No. Slow. Cheesy as hell. Bad, bad, BAD acting. Embarrassing effects (that is NOT a werewolf), and too many shirtless guys. Nemo seemed to enjoy it. This is a bad movie and you shouldn't see it. I wasted $14 and two hours on it. Fun to laugh about it, until you realise that.

After that, maccas, hung out with Alison, then home to resupply, met the droogs by the hospital, made another new friend with a confused looking and generous man, then we walked to the rowing sheds as it started raining to get a taxi to Sam's.

Paranormal Activity - *****
Yeah, I liked this one. Definitely kept up the tension through the whole movie, and the end was creepy. I want to go see it in a cinema still. Still, Isaac went a bit nuts, screaming, it was pretty good.

After that, chilled out with a few brewskis, then crashed.

Woke up today, watched South Park, played a bit of COD42 (I suck at console fps, can't aim), then we jumped in the pool. Decided to go to Sale early for chips. The wind picked up, and we went inside. Then it started pouring like a bitch. Like, sheets of rain. And then it was gone.

Got a lift home, Diana came round, discussed unis, chilled out, and then I retreated to the shed.

Buffalo Soldiers - ****
This one's good as well, though it's a bit light. It's fast though, and definitely worth seeing. I liked the training exercise.

And then discussed subjects with some kids, and checked out some reviews of Friday night. Apparently it was really, really good, says a lot of people, though a guy down the front puked in the mosh.

Right now, I'm enjoying the last few hours of year eleven. Tomorrow is when we start year twelve, how messed up is that? Double spare then double lit though, good and bad.

Apologies for the length, if you read through all that you're a champion.



Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tertiary Tour.

'Lo readers.

We're all about alliteration here.

So, yeah, no post yesterday, was stuck in Melbourne.

After whinging about the buses (one went to one place and the other didn't, then there was a minibus), I got stuck on a meh bus. Lots of girls and couples. They put bloody Gossip Girl on, of course, and I had lent my iPod to Pat. Brad revealed he's a big fan, so him and Oliver (in a snappy hawaiian shirt [and you know what they say about that]) traded insults.

Monash in Churchill was alright, had a look around, didn't see much of the residences, but we saw the medicine facility with legs and arms in goo, which was awesome.

Back on the bus, half of us had neglected to grab food. Pretty boring all the way up, specially since they put god damn 17 Again on.

Next up was Swinburne, I think. This was pretty cool, they had escalators, one of the guides was cute (the other was faaaaat), and we got showbags! Woo! The residences were cool, looked pretty expensive, and they had lifts. Will be keeping an eye on this one I think, it looked good.

Another bus ride, on to Melbourne Uni, in the middle of the city. Looked a bit worn, but good information, I guess. Walked through the sports facilities to some of the residential colleges (fancy), got a look at some of the rooms, got free food, then we went to the hostel.

Oh god. Ten million bored, hot, stupid teenagers roaring through this building, up and down stairs, meddling in elevators, discovering the roof ("zomg, you can see forever!"), then the pool tables down the bottom, then away we went to RMIT.

Since it was the end of exams here, there were heaps of students sitting around drinking, including a couple of goth chicks dressed up and a guy in a velvet jacket. Some of the jocks joined a bball game, then we had a look through some of the buildings led by some ex-Grammar kids. Looks pretty good, I'm interested in finding out more though. Then they let us loose on Lygon st, and we went to the gelati places (lines were too long), so we went to 7/11, noted bastion of multiculturalism, for slushies. Mad slushies. We sat around enjoying the evening, then walked all the way back, and none of the cars hit us. Some kids had bought huge watermelons for an eating competition.

Back at the hostel, we snuck back in, while the teachers captured one of the watermelon kids, who promptly skitzed. He had some good points amongst the swearing. The entire year level was clustering on a balcony, or by people's windows to hear the tirade. We lol'd a lot. Then lots of wasting time, Wingram watched Family Guy, Oliver and the rest played bloody magic, and teachers wandered around looking at us all sternlike if we poked our heads out the doors. Crashed before one, I think.

Then this morning, wrenched awake, decided against visiting the roof again, went downstairs for breakfast and coffee, then away we went again. We got a bit lost on the way to the Bundoora (not Bendigo) campus for LaTrobe, which didn't seem too bad at all. Very big though. We got a show-folder? off them, which was cool.

Next was Deakin, which looked blindlingy new and expensive looking. All the buildings seemed to be named after chan boards. The accomodation there seemed ridiculously exclusive (200 kids only), but cheap and damn good. It all looks fancy, but we didn't see much of the facilities. I dunno. Keep an eye on this one too.

Short bus trip over to Clayton Monash, which seemed ok, residence looked good, and all the facilities look good on the inside. They have like a shopping mall, it was pretty cool.

Then the long bustrip home, Meg and Jess squabbled about getting away from the front, Meg ended up next to me and Jess had to go back to the front, and we discussed gossip (jesus I'm behind again), and laughed at all the couples. Wish I was in the minibus though. Should have swapped Aiden for me.

Back home, less noise but more annoying, not much in the way of news, though I'm pumped for tomorrow.

Speaking of which, tomorrow there won't be a blog post, as I'm getting up early and going to Melbourne again. Going to see this little band called Pearl Jam, I've heard they put on a good show.



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nobody Loves Me and Neither Do I.

'Lo all.

So, today was school. The most amount of work we did was thinking about a poem. It was pretty good.

Watched the bonus features on this Live at the Garden dvd, realised I've now got 2 gigs from the Madison Square Gardens, about 30 years apart. Interesting. I had to laugh at Bushleaguer.

Anyway, went to school, we have a new homeroom that isn't one of the fancy year twelve rooms, which sucks. As long as I can access my locker on the weekend, I don't mind where we go. Speaking of lockers, cleaned mine out. Feels good to chuck all that crap out.

History was a bit scary, got the first exam back. I passed, which is good, but the class got shouted at because we didn't 'show off', which is why we all got low scores. I dunno. I put the facts in, but I don't show off, so I lose marks? Meh.

Then a spare in the library, we laughed at Ryan's graphics exam (he used a banana and honey in a suggestive way and was rewarded for it, well done that man), then rushed to the book sale, picked up some biology loot from Grace Anton and Beth Goodsell.

Recess, got some literature loot off Gavin from Emily Ross, then didn't do much.

Lit was scary, exams back (B!), and we had a poem read to us, which wasn't too bad, then we were told we had Ms Dosser next year. Oh god. Half the class had a heart attack, stupid Oliver laughed. I'm doomed next year, man, doomed!

Media wasn't too bad, got another exam back (Emma beat me by a handful of marks again!), went over that. Going over exams is excrutiating sometimes.

Lunch was fairly boring. Sparkles everywhere for some reason. Had another look at the book sale with Tom, our stuff hasn't been bought yet which sucks, then gave Bonnie's psych textbook to Pat. We laughed at how beat up it is.

Maths. Quiet. Tom is the best Gen F kid in the year, and Emma's not far behind him. Brenno mentioned me as well, but I got beaten on both exams, so meh.

Finally bio, and I passed this one too! On a roll. I beat Claire, she whinged about a question on bilby's ears, and we all laughed about the testes question. Stupid exam, really.

Dragged the contents of my locker home, chilled out, watched Borat, listening to Them Crooked Vulture's album again. A lot of keyboards in it, which I barely picked up the first listen. Still an excellent album.

Now I have to try and load up my iPod with it for tomorrow, cos we're going to Melbourne to check out universities and get ourselves banned from going within 100m of Lygon st, or something. Plan is when we get to Queens thingy, we ask about the band incessantly.

So yeah, no post tomorrow night unless I steal someone's hiptop. Don't like those things anyway.



Monday, November 16, 2009

Chase the Devil.

'Lo readers.

First of all, I forgot yesterday's movie review.

The Blair Witch Project - **
Yeah... nah. Not that scary, you have to suffer through all this crap with whiny yuppies and boredom, but then it gets real good. But it's too brief. I dunno. Not enough scares for that much filler. The ending is excellent though.


Today, went to Traralgon with Diana, picked up new pair of boardies and another Pearl Jam dvd (this one had Ben Harper on it too), and Diana got a fancy massage. So many bogans, since most of the kids were at school.

Then home, chilled out with new dvd, it's a good performance, cept for some reason I can't seem to get stereo working on the tv.

Then band. Meh. Ben filled me in on what happened after I nicked off at Jason's (I lol'd), and how mozzies ate him alive at sea kayaking. Poor bastard, should have picked rock climbing.

Tomorrow is school, but I don't think we'll be doing much work, thank gawd.




Sunday, November 15, 2009


'Lo readers.

Not much to report today.

Dragged to a shindig down at the swing bridge, pretty dull, stuck in the front rank, pretty painful. Then Beardman and the girls trawled the market, Fraser loudly abused bogans from inside the car.

Got home, chilled out, watched The Machinist again, Diana dropped in, going to Traralgon tomorrow to go hunting.

Talked to the usual suspects, Jess is dragging everyone to the pool in the morning, might drop in, I dunno. If it's hot.

So yeah, that's my tomorrow. Feels good to have no school.



Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fix Up Look Sharp.

'Lo everyone.

Hot today.

Not much to report. Stayed up late last night hunting for Kyuss torrents, and then woke up around one today. Feels good man. Went down the street for supplies, picked up Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, and The Blair Witch Project.

Lock Stock is still cool, soundtrack is good too, and then watched Black Hawk Down, which is still bad arse but drags at the end. Next up is Blair Witch.

Tomorrow, gotta thingy down at the swing bridge, if I survive getting eaten by mozzies I have to tell Diana I'm busy Saturday (forgot about Aiden's New Moon bodypaint raid), maybe Monday.



Friday, November 13, 2009

Where It's At.

'Lo all.

Posting slightly more subconsciously than usual.

Anyway. Day off. Not much to report. Got half of the DJ Hero soundtrack last night, and it's surprisingly good. Lot of Daft Punk.

Spent today listening to that and chilling. Then work, which was really quiet. Chatted to Lenny, left around nine.

Back home, Diana was asking about blogs and Fraser had a pair of hookers with him, and asked me for money. No comment.

Tomorrow, not doing much. Might go for a drive with Diana, and I'm hoping my dvds come in. Don't really want to spend any money though. Ah well.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Auxin you good.

'Lo all.

Finished exams now, thank gawd. Don't need to worry about them for another six months.

Got up this morning, dragged around with the media kids, then away we went. Not a bad exam, though I ranted a bit and forgot what the ACCC stood for. Meh. I know Emma's beaten me, and Bernice. Ah well.

Then recess, chilled out, and then dug in at the library. Took ages to print off a practice exam, but we got there in the end. Isaac and I whinged about it for a while, then they kicked us all out. We surmised it was so the sevies could get their mandatory ten minutes of sunlight per day. Funnily enough, we were straight back in there, flipping through the textbook while Sally attempted to study.

Away again, this time I got a window seat. They held us in for five bloody minutes. The exam was actually easier than the practice stuff, though I finished with forty bloody minutes spare. Aiden dropped in around the end, pointing and laughing at us through the window, the bastard.

After school, headed down the street, picked up a pair of dvds, then work, which was very quiet. Spent ages hunting for a missing package, but they said they were picking it up tomorrow anyway. Waste of time. Had to drop into school, scared Sally and Agnik. Lawl. Caught up with Diana on the way home, Fraser's being a dick. He's fourteen, which just makes it amusing. Can't take him seriously.

So, back home, chilled out, found the $6 tees site, and watched Dazed and Confused, which is damn good. You lot probably wouldn't like it, but it's still good.

Tomorrow, the plan is sleep, then work. Oh well. Least there's no school. 4 day weekend.



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blah blah perception blah.

'Lo readers.

I do enjoy sleeping in on a school day. Woke up late, caught Amaya on the msn during breakfast (she's doing well, made the same mistake twice though, you stupid! And it's a ranga, lol!), then checked second announcement for the BDO.

Shocked and disappointed at the blandness. They were rumouring The Dead Weather, or Vampire Weekend (meh) or Foals (still meh). We got Jet (lame) and a buttload of mehs. Simian Mobile Disco and Phrase are mehs. Oh well. It's a big day out, at least, and Tame Impala will be damn good.

Off to school after that, it was pretty quiet til I hit the study room and Isobelle and I started going over quotes I knew I'd forget pretty quickly. Tom was watching Nirvana in a corner, Emily was rolling around, and everyone was rushing in and out looking stressed. Oliver was teaching Jake Magic, god damn.

Then the exam, such fun. Screamed through the essay, then realised I was running out of time and had barely quoted the rest of the play. Bugger. Conclusion was a bit rubbish. The two passage things we had to do were brief but to the point, dammit. Excellent feeling leaving the hall.

Hung around a bit after that, then walked down for food with Emma and Oliver, who was ranting profusely about bloody Magic. Chips were good, saw Jess and Molly on their way to go bikini shopping, then Emily and Isobelle on their way to Emily's pool, then we got moving. Damn dvds haven't come in yet, but we hung out with Molly and Jess, went to the jewelery shop in the centre (do not smashandgrab, do not smashandgrab, do not smashandgrab), then Molly left and Jess, Oliver and I wandered around til I nicked off to check the news. Ryan dropped in to pick up a dvd, we checked out the special controversial scene from COD42 (COD6?), which was bloody but underwhelming.

Anyway. After all that fun and excitement, chilled out in the shed studying for media, fairly meh. Think I've got the hang of it all. We'll see.

Tomorrow is the media exam, funnily enough, then the bio exam, then the exams are all done. Joy. I'd celebrate if I wasn't working Friday night.



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What fools these mortals be.

'Lo all.

Sick of literature and sick of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Anyway, spent today going over notes, read through the whole damn play again, and saw Emily and Isobelle down the street. They just kicked psych's arse, good for them.

I found all of Them Crooked Vulture's album on the youtubes for streaming, and almost all of their tracks are definitely going in the playlist. However, right now my playlist is too big for my iPod. Guess I know what I'll buy myself for christmas now.

Yeah, not a lot of interesting stuff today.

Tomorrow, lit. Woo. I want it over already.



Monday, November 9, 2009

Mutually Assured Destruction.

'Lo readers.

Right. Exams. Woo.

So, after condemning textbook (there's a good reason they're not inflicting it on the year tens next year), off to school, chill with the droogs, then we were in. Luckily, no real difficult questions, just one asking for your opinion that I may have misinterpreted. I like history. The essay wasn't too bad, ranted for two and a half pages about Berlin and Cuba, went pretty well. I think.

Recess, discussed exam with everyone, then when Emma and I headed off to grab our lit essays, trapped and abused by both Ms Henry and Mrs Cartledge. "Tuck your shirt in!" "Take your jumper off!" "No tshirts!" "You're adopted and nobody loves you!" Still, got an A on my essay, that's two As in lit so far.

Study sesh in the maths room was quiet, discussed lit and travel and music and movies with Isobelle, Ryan, Emma and Bernice while Tara and Clare argued. It was like that bit in Anchorman where they're smiling and giving each other death threats. Both crazy, must be the Bairnsdale water.

Lunch was good, Sam was feeling generous, then everyone went on the warpath against some rowdy year sevens who were having a waterfight. I swear we had more respect for the year elevens when we were in year seven. Maybe it's cos we were afraid of them, maybe it's because they were actually mature...

Anyway. Maths exam. Pat and Tom were squabbling over a drink bottle, then away we went. I may have screwed up two questions, but I don't really care. There were buttloads of ants on our bags because Pat had left half a roll for them, the bastard.

After that, down the street for KFC, saw Jasmine, Sam's trying to get everyone to play runescape again, and tried to con Denny into getting Supreme Commander going again. What the hell is going on...

Dragged to band, had tea there, had a chat to Mr C, since some of the Traralgon people were there. Pretty meh, the eupho player was a bit too enthusiastic.

Right now I'm teaching Fraser how to abuse Facebook through spam and explicit images. Muwhahahaha.

Tomorrow, day off. I plan on sleeping then feverishly reading as much of A Midsummer Night's Dream as I can. This exam will be interesting. Not looking forward to it. Just wish my dvds had come in. Ah well.



Sunday, November 8, 2009

Supreme Commander.

'Lo all.

It's getting hot again.

So, woken up by Wiffy and Tom, who wanted Nirvana dvd and Half Life, then since I couldn't get back to sleep, onto the study. The folder had better stuff than the textbook, but my notes are lacking a bit. Ah well.

Denny and Sam dropped in after lunch, we rode to Aiden's, conned him into playing Denny's new game. I watched bemused. It's basically Age of Empires times a million. Huge maps. Pretty dull at times, but oh well. Went home, more study, got bored, played GH, felt bad, studied more, got bored, here I am.

Pumped for TCV album next week, and picking up some more movies. Which reminds me:

Ninja Scroll - ***1/2
Another anime classic, apparently. Not bad, made a bit more sense than the last one, still kinda messed up. Like a dwarf shooting wasps out of his back. Meh. And it's way better with subtitles.

Tomorrow, going to smash history, then finish maths. Just gotta stick around at school in between, dammit.



Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hand Springs.

'Lo everyone.

Work today, such fun. Pretty quiet, specially at the end. Went down the street, picked up Nirvana live at the Reading Festival dvd.

So, went home and watched that while reading through the history textbook, which is so helpful for ONLY ONE OUTCOME ARGH. The dvd isn't bad at all, but the tuning is so awful it's painful at times. Ah well.

And then checked the news, half watched Independence Day, Isobelle got facebook so there was ten thousand things about that, the poor girl.

Tomorrow, more history study, going to try and break into the folder and dig out the important stuff. I think it'll be good though.



Friday, November 6, 2009


'Lo all.

Right. Exams again.

Denny rocked up this morning to eat our fruit, the bastard, headed to school early and joined the queue for spare batteries. Then lined up out the front of the hall, just missed out on a window seat, and exammed. Maths is fairly easy when you've got the calculator and a magic textbook. Only question I had any trouble on I got right anyway cos it was a trick, and Jordan's a genius.

So, chilled with the rest, finished my history thing, went teacher hunting, and since the horde all seemed occupied with themselves (cept Ryan, who was pissed cos he forgot his exit pass), I left. Went for a drive with Beardman, picked up Ghost in the Shell, Akira, and some ninja movie for $20. Awesome.

Went home, chilled out, then Denny dropped in to take my Pearl Jam stuff, and eat more of our fruit. We decided to watch a movie since it was taking ages.

Akira - ***
Well, it's dated, and the dubbing isn't good. The pacing is pretty slow, by the end you just want it to hurry up, but some bits are pretty good. The start is pretty cool; movie would be better if it was more about cool motorbikes and less about grey freaks. The ending is disgustingly messed up. I might have to watch it again with subtitles, cos hell, the dubbing is distracting.

And no, I'm not much of an animoot fan, other than Ghost in the Shell. That's a good movie. Might go watch that now.

PD and Diana dropped in with Janine, had a chat, Fraser was a dick about getting food, discussed veiled racism and pranks. Going to have to try putting jelly things in the pool, might have to have a go at the oxycetalyne in the lights too, that might be fun.

Tomorrow, work. Sleep. Study for history. Meh.

Good to have something to concentrate on, I think, less stuff to whinge about.



Thursday, November 5, 2009

No More Psych.

'Lo readers.

Right. Back into exams. Woo.

Kept up last night (nothing wrong with The Smiths at 11, but Jethro Tull at 1am is pushing it), then dragged myself up in the morning, time seemed to run out as I finished the last practice exam.

Stood around flipping through the textbook, making sure I knew what was better out of variable interval and fixed ratio reinforcement schedules (the latter), then away we went. Had no real trouble, some of the questions were just fill in the blanks. One required you to be creative, I better get it right. Finished with a good half hour spare to stare out the window at year tens who waved and laughed at me. Bastards.

Recess was a relief, but I was buggered and unprepared for the lit practice thing we had next. Pulled the whole thing out of nowhere, bits of it probably won't make sense, but oh well. At least it's an attempt. Then off to the library to discuss Daria.

Lunch. Chatted to Ryan, Hayden was a dickhead, and Leighton was surrounded by a harem cos it was his last day. Poor bastard. Had a look at the year twelve jackets, they'll look alright, but I dunno if they're worth $80 if we can only wear them on Wednesday.

Maths was pretty meh, attempted to help a reluctant Alison with Jordan, Brendog shouted a lot, business as usual.

Then a proper spare. Zomg. Oliver, Emma and I hung around outside, then into the study room in the library to chat to the rest until Emily discovered how good the acoustics were. Hasty exit.

After school, work, which was fairly quiet, cept for a few punk kids who thought I was Fraser. Briefly went home to check news, flipped through textbook, then went to Diana's for food. Pretty good, too.

And now, after finishing the history thing, gotta do this 'easy' lit thing, then bed. Woo.

Tomorrow is the first maths exam, but after that I can go home if I'm feeling antisocial (and I usually am). Sometimes it's good to not do mainstream english, though it's a bit risky.

Hurm again.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Give me a reason.

'Lo all.

Once again, we better make this quick.

Today I studied. I'm sick of practice tests. Did them all day. Fairly dull.

Fraser rocked up this afternoon with his ears pierced, and sparkly, ranting about getting spacers. I lol'd.

Not much else to write about, so back to the study.

Tomorrow, going to murderlise this exam. Then the lit practice exam. Then history stuff at lunchtime, probably.



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mind Eraser, No Chaser.

'Lo all.

Day off today, for the Melbourne cup. Much appreciated, if a bit useless. Completely missed the race. At least when we were at school we'd stop classes early to watch it. Meh.

Didn't do a lot today. Spent most of it in the shed with a coffee and the psych textbook, but that dragged after a while. Too windy outside to go down the street, not that anything's open.

On the interbutt, Them Crooked Vultures were giving away a free track on the iTunery, and it is awesome. Cannot wait for this album. I'll call it my post-exams present. Found heaps of interesting looking stuff on a sharethread, might download it tonight if I can stay up. I'm ridiculously tired, have been since Friday, so I dunno.

Tomorrow, need to go down the street, but I'll probably spend the entire day going over notes and practice tests. I am pumped for this damn exam. Going to kick it's arse. Need to write a thing for history too, can do that in the morning I guess.




Monday, November 2, 2009


'Lo all.

Going to be quick tonight.

This morning was quiet, Denny and I explained our grand battleship plans to a bemused Ryan, then all these people came up to congratulate me. WTF.

Bio first up, pretty quiet, NEED TO EMAIL THING TO MR BACON DAMMIT.

Then psych, very quiet lesson, just Clemmo and I. Scary. We had a chat, still kinda awkward.

Recess. Slinging insults at people. Fun.

Lit next, fairly meh. Got into a class discussion (shock), Mrs Cartledge was so excited.

Then maths, Jordan and I nearly finished the revision questions. We kick arse.

Lunch. Dull. Sam made us all play the zombie game, then went down and wasted time.

Then history, started assessment thing, no one had done any research, Ms Henry wasn't happy.

And then media, had to talk to the class about oligopolies, pretty meh, kept getting interrupted. Discussed Full Metal Jacket with Pat, awesome movie.

Got home, PD and Diana dropped in, had a discussion about my future, as the Beardman got more and more wasted. He's reeling around pissing Fraser off at the moment, going to retreat to the shed in a sec.

Btw, signed up for Lockerz. If anyone wants an invite to a site where you get free stuff like iPods for serious reals, comment or email or something.

Think Amaya should come online.

Tomorrow is a glorious day off, going to chillax, finish this history thing, and sleep in.



Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Clockwork Orange.

'Lo everyone.

Well, that was interesting.

So, work yesterday, pretty quiet, half an hour before I could go I got so bored I lost myself in a storeroom.

Get home, get showered and ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence. Walked up, got some odd looks for the cane, then saw Potter and Louise on the corner in their outfits. They looked like hookers on the streetcorner, trying to get cars to toot. I think that's what they were going for.

Get to Jason's, meet up with the droogs, Aaron looks creepy as hell, Jason looks like a hooker, Jake's got a very very messed up mask on, Hayden's in a dress, and Isaac's got a bright orange jumpsuit. Girls looked pretty good too, Jess was a bit off her face already as a witch, Meg was a cat, Nemo was a pixie punk rocker. An old acquaintance came up and apologised profusely.

Then the rest slowly arrived. No one could take Aiden seriously in his batman suit (it was designed for a fatty, we concluded), Sam looked really scary with blood, gasmask, and giant bloody pickaxe, Kelly was a devil, Erin looked creepy, and Alison was an angel.

Lotta year nines there as well, surprised to see Ben Lawless as a nerd. They kept to themselves til we broke out the poker, which I didn't join. I've learnt my lesson.

Anyway. I was fairly responsible. Made a new friend called Jane, got to know her fairly quickly. Buttload of year tens rocked up from another party, they were unamused. Jason's mum went nuts at Josh Darby, and suddenly everyone was leaving, cept Sam and Isaac who were ridiculously wasted. Guess I was sorta sobering up by then.

Tagged along with Jordan, Alison, and another new mate Dylan, who were all a bit wasted to walk across town by themselves. We were headed to Jamie's house, but he was sticking with the others. Took us a while to get there, stuck around for a bit, then I headed out with Alison and Jordan to meet Alison's pommy mate. I said bugger it at that point, retreated back home to scare Beardman.

I should have stayed at Jason's a bit longer, I guess, but hell, the cops didn't get me, and I'm still alive. Very, very good night.

Made better by no hangover in the morning, of course. Arms were literally covered in mosquito bites. I look diseased. Well, more than usual.

Spent day trying not to get distracted on the internet, finished bio, finished media, nearly finished lit, and dunno what to do for history. Dunno what to do for a few things. Damn VLA.

Tomorrow's Monday, probably another bitchfest, there usually is. Meh. I'm tired. Not interested.