Thursday, October 29, 2009


'Lo all.

Tired. Ridiculously tired.

So, woken up far too early, then realised I'd forgotten my history books. Wrote it down on my hand.

Rode to school, Denny seems in good spirits despite nearly exploding his head from a migraine the other day. He had Jellea Beans. There is no real difference from real beans.

Chapel was dull, except for the chaplain calling one girl cute, and a flashy thing on the other side. In homeroom we had to vote for the prefects. I really hope I don't get picked. Also shouted at each other over year twelve jackets, the vocal minority seems to have picked the lamest design. Ah well.

In bio, we finished the textbook. Now it's just revision, joy.

Recess. Meh.

Double maths was as fun as always. Got some revision on everything done with Alison and Jordan, talked to Jasper about movies (he may be a dick, but he has good taste), and Emma and Jordan tried to teach me how to do makeup. It makes no sense. You're all insane. If it wasn't for this costume I wouldn't bother ever. Why would you do it every single day, hell.

Lunch was good, Denny and I got food to shut Oliver up, we made a large mess, swapped stories, the usual.

Psych was a spare again, so went to library to read the paper and chat with Shona. I've noticed that they've turned a lot of book I've read in the past (ie, Magician, Max Ride, Redwall) into 'graphic novels'. Hurm. Max Ride was a bloody manga.

Then lit, Cartledge seems to have gotten message that I'm terrified about this essay, though the rest of them were surprisingly behind. I reckon I'll get a C+, or a low B. Got to watch more cheesy movie, stupid half naked man was riding an obviously fake tortoise. We laughed. I wonder if there is a limit to how many jokes one can make about getting 'love juice' smeared on people's eyes. Maybe this stupid play really is a comedy.

After school, headed down the street, no canes, shops shut early for some reason, and then home, and then down the street again for walk. Had a buttload of deliveries, maybe I need a bigger bag. Saw Shona again ("ZOMG VAMPIRES!" "... uh.. yeah, cool...?"), then Pat and Ryan (we laughed), then Cameron Lucas, then Ruby looking lost with some flowers, and Alison who was whinging about costumes. Then Aiden was lounging against the library, we discussed exams and the show, which I rode past. All the rides seem ridiculously close together, it'd be funny if they crashed into each other.

Back home, Diana and PD were around, got some mad loot (FOR SALE - GANGSTA GANGSTA ROCKSTAR HATS), including a Zep tshirt and Monster shots (will have to show Jess), we discussed show rides and stupid people at airports.

And this evening, cleaning up lit essay. I forgot my history books again, dammit.

Tomorrow, hand in essay, maths test, Pat's going to try and break his 800m record, and might visit the show, I dunno. No one else is, disappointingly.



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