Thursday, October 22, 2009

Their Last Day.

'Lo all.

So, today was the year twelve's last day. They were pretty pumped.

Sick of bikes breaking. Hurm.

First up today was psych, which was a bit awkward for Shona and I cos all the year twelves were going nuts.

Then media, did a surprise test, fairly easy.

Recess. Meh. Had a beachball being thrown around.

Double lit was as fun as always. Noticed on the model exam we got that two years ago, the lit class had around a month to do their 1000 word essay. We have ten days. Awesome. Got pretty sidetracked about permanent records.

Then lunchtime, dragged ourselves to the rehearsal thingy, Ms Dyke was arguing with the janitor dude, but we had to sing anyway. Then wasting time.

Maths, just talked to Emma and Jasper and Tom, fairly meh. Sometimes it seems like Tom and I are the only ones paying attention, pretty sad.

Psych again, the crossdressing had started. Darby and Sunderland looked pretty funny, specially when the dresses started ripping. Then we got to escape, kids had their circle in the middle, lot of shouting and mooning, then they counted down and grabbed a hose. Looks like fun. Us year elevens all seemed to have this look of longing, but it's weird. 12 months and we'll be doing that, how weird.

After school was work, nothing interesting. Home, grabbed some stuff for the lit essay, should have plan done by the weekend, which gives me all week to write it. I think?

Everyone seemed to be in a good mood tonight. Facebook was actually funny. I do bite my thumb, sir.

So, tomorrow is muckup day. Sing on stage in the morning (crap), then a biology excursion, then the awesome lunchtime extravaganza, one more class, then the big assembly. Should be good.



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