Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Team Mongoose.

'Lo all.


It's always kinda weird on an overcast Wednesday, cos you dunno if it'll rain or not, and if they'll cancel sport or not, and if they'll give you double lit if it is cancelled.

So, us droogs get to school (bike tyre is fine), lit first up. "HERE KIDS, HAVE THIS SHORTENED ASSESSMENT TASK!" but it's still 1000 words and complicated? "YEP! SHORTENED!" My idea got shouted down, instead she said I had to do more work. I figured I had an interesting angle. Wish I could have had my essay planned out on the board like Isobelle's.

History, talked about ol' Gorby, pretty slow. Half a geography class too, lot of pointing at maps.

Recess. Meh.

Psych was quiet, kept my head down and did work. Can tell you the difference between differential and inferential statistics properly now.

And media, almost finished report, Pat pissed off the teacher, we discussed BDO.

Cameron's first house meeting went pretty smoothly, but he has to learn how to shout.

Lunch was quiet. Used some of Denny's elastic bands for a slingshot.

Then we played cricket, haven't done this since the summer. Rusty as hell. Bowling was wide, batting was just blocking. Oh well. Binks won though, awesome. Bustrip home was amusing, Harry was ripping on Nick about him cheating on his girlfriend with some ugly chick. Funny.

After school, we decided to get chips before hunting for a costume. Sparty's was expensive and limited, but we found some cheapo ones. I got a grim reaper one, Sam got a bandit (NOT Zorro), Jake got a vampire, and Aiden got a 60s dress. Ran down to the park, got changed, scared some people, and signed up. 5 bucks for a 10min run, hmm. Our run was pretty easy, cept at the start Fraser arrived swearing at us. Sam and I got in front, kept up with each other to the end, then he got in front on the hill, the bastard. Everyone seemed impressed with our cheap, crappy costumes.

Stuck around for a few hours, Pat and Aiden's team were scary good, Mr Clapper survived, and we got free stuff (Aiden B got a $10 voucher, bastard). After mucking around on the flying fox and getting sworn at by a McNamara kid's friend, we ended up getting bronze medal for our section (Pat's team won, naturally). We shouted a lot, the mayor tried not to smile too much, it was pretty cool. Walked home since THE GODAMN BIKE HAS ANOTHER FLAT TYRE ARGH.

Get home, everyone's angry, meh. No BDO tickets yet, I'm starting to get worried. Finished media thing, need to print that, and as soon as this is finished, going to google some stuff for lit. Hopefully I can print that too.

Tomorrow is double lit, and the year twelves going nuts in the afternoon. Should be fun.



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