Thursday, October 1, 2009

Talons & Stucco.

'Lo readers.

So, yesterday, not a lot. Aiden dropped in, we traded bootlegs, discussed cricket. Then I finished my lit review, sent it to Cartledge.

Today, woken up by Tom, we then looted a rocking chair from a house a couple of blocks away (couple of funny looks from passing motorists), then had a go at guitar hero. Course, it crashed before the end of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Then work, which was fairly boring. Gave my copy of Midsummer Night's Dream to Ryan, saw Tom, Jack and Pat leaving their exam, hung out with Meg and Lulu til I realised I was late, almost abandoned in a nursing home by the nurse, which was annoying.

And then, went out, lost a game to Alan, laughed at a facebook argument, and now I'm wondering how the hell I'm supposed to crash early tonight.

Tomorrow, exam (not worried, got 38/44 on a practice test before), then clean up this lit review, then possibly going out again, need to talk to a few people.



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