Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stretched Linen Over Contorted Bodies.

'Lo all.


Nero's Day at Disneyland has the best titles.

Got to school this morning, almost exciting cos we got to sit up the back in assembly. Soon as it was over, Ms Dyke yelled at us. Meh.

Then psych, pretty scary. Just Shona and I sitting in front of Mrs Clemens trying not to make any noise.

Lit was scary too, I'm worried about this essay, but we'll see.

At recess, had a look at the rollercoaster. They've got buttloads of sick rides this year, the problem is going to be money.

Then media, have another essay to write, joy. Music lesson was pretty meh too, expected to do more work there too. It can wait.

History was meh, went over sheet, took notes. Nothing to write home about, really.

Lunchtime. Fairly bored. Bugged Alison, got a hat off Sam (mine now), business as usual.

Maths wasn't too bad, in revision mode now. Emma and I listened to music. Not too fussed about the test coming up, will have a good cheatsheet. Even if it's done the lunchtime before!

Then bio. Claire and Meg showed me pictures of me sleeping (which is creepy), then Claire was in a mean mood, making fun of Jack and I. Not Gavdog though, cos he's in the choir, not just the men's chorale. Meh. She has red hair lol.

After school, headed down the street with Sam and Emily, got a $70 boiler suit for $30 (AWESOME!), bowler hat (bit too small), and some chips. Got home, halfway through essay (700ish words!), and the costume looks good. Need cane, suspenders, cup (not sure about this one), and the eye makeup, of course. Should have a look for a bigger bowler hat too, I suppose.

Tomorrow, cricket, work, finishing essay. Should break a thousand words tonight, I'm not really planning on sleeping.



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