Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stop Breaking Down.

'Lo all.

Today's weather was schizophrenic. Getting sick of freezing at recess and then it goes all hot by hometime. Meh.

So, woke up too early today, dragged myself to school with a surprisngly low tyre, assembly first up. Year twelves were running it, their last proper one. Weird. In a year we'll be doing the same thing.

Psych first up, I finished another practice test while the year twelves discussed their parties and soundtracks for the big muckup day assembly. They should totally go with Riverside, it's so easy for us to sing.

Lit. No Cartledge. More going over play. Meh.

Then recess, cold and dull, as usual. Tom threw a grape at Hayden, who didn't see him, so he chucked it at Melissa, got it down her dress. We lol'd. Excellent shot.

Media was fairly quiet, got more report out of the way. Metal bands are ridiculous, sorry metalheads.

Then history, went to other classroom, finished biography, cleaned up bibliography, started the next thing. Doing better than Patrick, he's done all his work but his group isn't doing anything. Ironic?

Lunchtime. Pretty quiet. Lot of kids doing things, so hung out with the droogs and pretended to be interested.

Half an hour maths, caught up with Alison (she swapped appendix stories with Jasper, I'd laugh if she gets the cooler scar), then nicked off to choir. No, we aren't skipping class, we're exploring new ways of being creative. I swear.

Catch the last twenty-ish minutes of biology, Zulaikha and I worked out that our last week of year elevens involves a day off, then a day at school, then two days on the tertiary tour ("LETS VISIT AS MANY UNIVERSITIES AS POSSIBLE IN ONE NIGHT GOGOGO!"), then another day off for the valedictory (or Pearl Jam). Awesome.

Walked home with flat tyre (buying self mini pump, god damn), then finished history homework and talked music with Isobelle. Checked out Julian's massive harddrive, at the moment I'm copying a few movies over. Looks like it may take a day or so, hurm.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. GIS times. Everyone's going to be competitive, there's house official elections. I'm not going for anything, because I don't do a lot cos I'm not good at it. I reckon it'll all end in tears eventually.



Anyway, the end.

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