Monday, October 26, 2009

Short Fuse.

'Lo readers.

Argh. Monday.

Get to school, usual suspects, 'Derp de derp races, derp derp'. How interesting.

First up was double SPARE WOOOOOOO! Went to library, didn't do much.

Then recess, talked to Jason, he's getting his hair dyed purple, and he's enjoying waking up late. And it looks like I'm in for Saturday night, awesome.

Lit was quiet, got to watch more movie, which still seems ridiculously corny.

Then bio, got questions out the way, had an aside with Mr Bacon about creationism. He's not allowed to comment, interesting.

Lunch. Pretty dull. Amusing, every now and then.

History was alright, pop quiz (AZERBAIJAN EXISTS, DAMMIT!), then going over article.

Media. Talked about Requiem for a Dream (this has been high on my list for a while, anyone have a dvd of it?), then revision. Computers were being retarded. Talked to Emma about Jason's. Oliver's hooked bad on this magic game.

Good mood ebbed away when we got to band, cos there were buttloads of little kids, one kept on staring at me, and we played easy stuff. Dull. Afterwards hit Spotlight to check out masks, everything seems cheap. Inspiration struck me on my way home, if I can get a boiler suit, might be I won't go as the grim reaper...

More band was ridiculously dull, felt like I was wasting my time. Not nice being forced to carry an entire section by yourself.

Get home, Cartledge seems to dislike my rough plan (maybe it's a bit too rough... probably shouldn't have noted 'gone nuts'), and the three lines I had when I sent it to her were all wrong too. Hurm. Still, at the moment I'm 200 words down after the intro and the start of a paragraph, the trick will be referencing. If I screw up the referencing I fail the entire semester, how's that for pressure.

Tomorrow isn't doubles day, which is good, plus we get to sit up the back in assembly. Woo.

Had a look at the showgrounds, the carnies all arrived overnight, looks like we've got us a mini roller coaster, the giant drop, the centrifuge one, the zipper, and a new one. I don't want to waste too much money though, need it for tshirt and bootleg at Pearl Jam... and BDO... and Boxing Day... hurm.



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