Saturday, October 10, 2009


'Lo all.

So, woke up, went to work, fairly quiet. They played the first disc of Mothership. Man. Zep makes potato peeling that much more enjoyable, specially when all the chefs are screaming to the Immigrant Song. Then Jez rocked up, with ten minutes left, and gave me the huge bloody stock pot to clean. I said I was knocking off in ten minutes and abandoned it. I feel sorry for whoever has the evening shift tonight.

Rode home, they were setting up a stage next to the Kasbah. Weird. And there were lots of 20somethings wandering around. I was exhausted, got home, showered, tried to do a bit more lit homework, then walked down the street.

There were lots and lots of 20somethings now, and most of them had blue shirts on. There was a live band playing on another little stage in between the Black Pub and the chicken shop, lots of bouncers and cops wandering around. Heaps of people. They all seemed to be in a good mood, had a couple of people come up to me (mildly intoxicated), and asked if I was going to join in, since I was wearing a blue shirt too. Ah, to be eighteen!

Met the others outside the cinema, dragged them all to have a look, they seemed amused. Sam and Isaac looked exhausted, can't blame them. Meg got buttloads of tictacs, happy birthday. Alison seemed alright, despite lack of appendix.

We visited maccas then nearly all the girls nicked off. We were stuck. What to do? Went to the chicken shop and watched all the drunk people stagger to the next pub. Most of them were dressed up (Noah's Ark theme), including a few ridiculously orange (and hot) girls.

See, Salefest is like a glorified pub crawl. Every year or so, they organise bands to play at each pub and in strategic places on the main street, then you go along for the ride. It looked really fun, can't wait for next year.

After pushing through the scrum outside Jack Ryan's, we visited the water tower, then Sally, Emily, and Denny left. Hayden, Aiden, Sam, and I headed home, booted up guitar hero, pretty fun.

Right now I'm trying my hardest to get the second paragraph in lit finished, and not be distracted. I did find the trailer for Toy Story 3 though. Jesus. I remember seeing the first one in the Geelong cinema when I was like 4.

Anyway. Tomorrow is more work, then when I get home I'll finish off this essay. So tired, argh.



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