Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Propane Nightmares.

'Lo all.

It was bloody freezing today. I thought this was god damn spring. Jipped, I tell you.

School was meh. Lit first up was quiet, then in history, group work. Goody, Lauren and I got going, and Tom went on Married to the Sea. He'll still do better than us three, the lucky prick that he is.

Recess, cold.

Psych was quiet too, just practice exams, not having too much trouble, but they're tricky. Media was similar, I'm getting the work done, but it's tedious.

In house meetings they said something about elections. Cameron Vale for house captain 2010 (failing that, school captain!).

Lunch was boring. Funny to watch though, damn happy people. Then dragged to sport, was not fun. There was only one other year 11 in soccer, so I hung out with Aaron and discussed poker. Too many stupid kids. One kept on screaming, and another one kicked the ball into the tree and couldn't get it down.

After school, it was raining. Went down the street for money, got chips with the droogs, come home, watch Hero, start history homework... pretty same-y.

Tomorrow... double lit? Work in the cold? Nothing to look forward to. Then at midnight, there's a slim chance I'll get me a ticket to the Big Day Out. That'd be cool.



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