Wednesday, October 14, 2009


'Lo all.

Not too bad a day really.

This morning, before Denny rocked up, sun was out, no wind, I was optimistic. Then I went to get lunch, and it was cloudly. By the time we left the house, it started spitting. WTF. Not cool. Literally, it was freezing.

So, first up was biology, which was fairly quiet. Kids were talking about electing house officials. How exciting.

Media was pretty quiet. Ms Robbins gave me an awesome idea for next year's production - fake advertising campaign about iPods being bad, ala smoking. Should be fun. I have a few ideas, one involving Pat getting punched and another involving a brain and a pig's ear.

Recess was cold. More shouting about house officials.

Then history, more of the same. Lauren and I had done the work, Goody was missing his and Tom was missing a photo, so we'd all be done if the internet had been working. But it wasn't. Oh well.

Maths was dull. Girls were all stressing about house officials speeches. The poor things.

Then house meetings. Every single speech repeatedly mentioned how much the person 'loved Binks', 'PARTICIPATION! PARTICIPATION!', and how long they'd been at the school. And lots of ', uh, yeah's. Cameron had a pretty good speech, specially when he said it was his birthday, and Aiden laughed at Oliver for being debating captain. I reckon Nemo will be house captain, her or Annie. But it's fairly even. We'll see.

Lunchtime was wet, cold, and boring. Against my better judgment, followed Aiden and Gavin to some singing thing for the year twelves. We need more, kids, so come along, we really need you otherwise it'll be stupid. At least the hall had no freezing cold wind.

Sport was cancelled, of course, so off to biology again. I'd already done the work, so chatted to Gav and Zulaikha. The field trip to the common should be fun, unless it's wet.

Then lit. Everyone was terrified, but no one showed up. So, Jasper got possessed, and made an offering to the Fan Gods of April's (unzipped) pencil case. We lol'd. Had a look at the Dolly Doctors and laughed at other people's misfortunes and stupidity. Good lesson.

Rode home, had coffee, was abused by Fraser's little fat friend, went to work, wasn't too bad til near the end, when there was a buttload of stuff to do. That's why this post is late. However, the chefs took pity on me, so I got a heap of bacon, fried fish, chips, and ribs. They were a bit scared when I started eating, cos I was bloody starving. Meh.

Tomorrow is Thursday, I believe we're voting for prefects and stuff. I really hope I don't become a prefect. I'm not interested in going on stage every week, nor am I interested in trying to control buttloads of ungrateful kids. Plus I'm not photogenic, and I probably don't fit in with the school's ideals. So yeah, I'm not interested. Aiden, Derek, and James, among others, have good chances of getting school captain, and so do Claire, Lulu, and maybe Isobelle or Molly? I dunno. Might be a left field winner. Will be interesting, I think.



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