Friday, October 16, 2009

New Ice Age.

'Lo readers.

Jesus. Sick of this crappy weather!

Rode to school through vicious headwind with Denny whinging, then it starts spitting. First up was media, we went over some regulations stuff, which might be interesting, I dunno. Pat got an idea for his thing next year, involving the swimming pools and that bath stuff that turns the water to jelly...

Biolology next, no physics kids, so it was fairly quiet.

Recess was boring, as far as I can remember.

Then lit, had to do reading. Stupid plays. It's worse when there's funny words.

Maths was dull, Denielle and I did barely anything. It's Friday.

Lunchtime. Bottle soccer was shut down fairly quickly, so we used a few of Julian's waterbombs. Funny, girls usually visit the toilets in groups, for whatever reason. Us blokes usually don't, today we had to use the sinks. Pat wedged himself above a stall, very creative new way of using a toilet, then we went out, Denny hooked the waterbomb above Kelly's locker. You can jam it in between the door and the edge, so it stays there until someone opens it, then it falls down and explodes on the ledge. Which it did. Kelly wasn't happy, so she chased Denny around. While she was doing that, Julian hooked up the second waterbomb. She came back, opened her locker, and got bombed again. Oh god we lol'd hard, the poor girl.

Then history, pasted everything to the poster, tried to think of reasons why it was important, and laughed as Nick got kicked out for being sexist to the feminists.

Psych. More questions. Meh.

After school, it was spitting, but we decided to go down the street anyway. By the time we were a block up Desailly street, it started pouring. POURING! The guys sprinted to Jess'sss, and when she caught up she let us in. While her and Potter dried up a bit, us guys were downstairs laughing, then her dad walked in. Awkward.

Visited maccas, lots of other grammar kids there, then random shops as Sam hunted for coloured contact lenses. Got a bit held up in Laugh@Life in one section, then in Sparty's, then Toy Kingdom, where we met Alison. She's still alive after a CAT scan and buttloads of tests, good for her. Patrick is planning on 'raiding' the Stratford playground, so he wants to kit Denny, Jake, and I out in plastic armour. I figure we should film it. Found myself John Lennon style glasses, leeettle too small though.

Nicked off back home, checked news, then out again after a shower. Didn't do a lot when we met up with everyone, escaped during the jazzbands for some harmless mischief involving the tables, then back for cards during the intermission. We played pretty meh, then the sinfonia all burst into tears for the year twelves. Mr Iverson will not cry for our year, I reckon.

Tomorrow, work, then lit homework. Meh. Least I don't have to do the big clean up. I hope it won't be busy. Just jinxed myself, obviously.




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