Friday, October 23, 2009

Muckup Day Redux.

'Lo all.

Hell. One more year.

So, got to school, went to hall, got to play with candles, then we lined up, watched Jack's band play, then we sang, didn't die, the year twelve's soppy slideshow sputtered a few times ("SCOTTAAAY!"), so Jack's band had to rescue them again, and Steve ate his candle, blew out other's candles, and nearly burnt a few people. Emily and Jenny had an argument mid song almost, pretty funny.

History was dull, we tried to find Simpsons clips. Completely relevant, funnily enough. Bullsheet was mildly amusing.

Recess was too quiet. Lots of chalk messages from the year twelves. Yes, we're counting.

Then we eventually nicked off to the common for a while, saw lots of birds, took water samples, fairly dull. Obviously, this grass is all manmade, and this is a fascinating specimen of sign. Still optimistic.

Got back in time for lunch, year twelves started emerging. Sound system was going, blowup obstacle course/jumping castle was up, wadey pool inflated. Lots of girls in bikinis running around with elephant masks and water guns, and the blokes were down to their underwear throwing water bombs at random kids. Few girls got hit, and I think they got the bbqs on the other side of the quad. Sam and Isaac decided to join in guerilla style, and threw more water bombs from behind some buildings. Pat dragged us to the home ec kitchens for free pancakes. A good lunchtime, but ours will be better.

Then lit. Screeching halt to the excitement. Watched more of stupid movie though.

Then the assembly. It started off promising, and they played some Zeppelin. Awesome. Halfway through the jock's movie, Mr Nick stopped it, because it showed how to get into the gym, how to play a dangerous game involving basketball, slow motion hit to Campbell Heath's balls, then a montage of 'how to play nicely at lunchtime'. Amusing. Finished early, and then they let the balloons go again. Two went early, and one went late. Not bad.

After school, we were all pumped (ZOMG ONE YEAR), then Denny and I tried to fix GH and failed. Have been putting off lit homework since.

Tomorrow, marching in Stratty, then everyone's going to Melbourne. Feel like the only one not doing anything this weekend, but then I'll be able to finish this damned essay, which is good. Have fun doing it with a hangover, kiddies.



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