Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Hard Day's Night.

'Lo all.

I have just finished my lit essay draft. Woo.

So, this morning, bitched about aforementioned essay with Ryan, still no exam timetable, which is getting scary, and we had to get our hats marked off. Nazis. *joking don't banhammer me*

First up was bio, took notes, pretty meh. Have to write a report over the weekend, dammit.

Then media, another report to write over the weekend. Joy.

Recess. Quiet. Lotta kids bailing on the show.

History was quiet as well, we have a report to write soon. Probably be over the weekend too, dammit. Oh well. I can cram on Sunday.

Then maths, revision. Tom and I helped the usual suspects, who were arguing over names for their year twelve jackets. I'm going with Fordy because I'm unoriginal.

Lunchtime. Pretty meh til Pat found a soccerball. Brings back memories, though I don't really remember the game being played so fast. I still suck. Can climb fences though.

Cricket was pretty meh, getting a bit better, but we lost by 27 runs. Hurm.

After school, screamed home, got another hundred words on the essay, then off to work, where a wombat was under the deck. Wtf. Work sucked, there was a function and a show and all these bourgeousie people going to watch the symphony orchestra. I wanted out early. Ah well.

Home again, finally finished essay (1260 words, need to add to conclusion I think), and chucked on the bibliography. Mrs Cartledge seems to have accidently forwarded my email exchange with her to the entire class. Hurm.

Tomorrow, double maths, prefect voting, work, picking up a cane, and Diana and PD and Dempsey are coming back to Australia, so that should be fun.



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