Friday, October 9, 2009

Great Cultural Revolution.

'Lo all.

So last night, amid all the excitement, all the tickets they had available at midnight for the BDO were sold out in less than five minutes. Due to a combination of failed credit card number attempts and MASSIVE FREAKING LAG, we missed out, though Isaac and Aiden got their tickets. Grimly decided to go to bed.

This morning, reminded Beardman of importance, and went to school on a bike with a punctured tube with a bemused Ryan. Aiden, Isaac, Denny, and I swapped stories, turns out Jasper got his tickets too, though Lester and Jack missed out, poor bastards.

Was antsy all through psych waiting for a text message. We had to do another practice test, I took my time on this one. Maybe because I was distracted. The boardo year twelves were discussing whether they would be doing anything wrong if they used a oujia board in the boardo. I lol'd.

History. Got a cryptic text message while discussing Them Crooked Vultures with Jasper and flicking through Nelson Mandela biographies. It became maddening, for whatever reason people started to care and worry.

Called Beardman at recess, he got a ticket! Yay! Got myself a muffin to celebrate. Isaac and Hayden were wondering whether they should sell their tickets, since they didn't really like the lineup, and they could make a considerable profit. Hurm.

Caught up with Claire on the way to bio, she got a ticket with April, and she was so excited. Then in bio we got to use the lightboxes and play with prisms (DSotM album cover, first thing I did...), then we had a physics crash course on conservation of matter. Fell asleep during a video almost.

Lunch was fairly boring, Tom had this disgusting story from Chuck Pahlanuik, who wrote Fight Club. It was pretty funny, but everyone else seemed absolutely disgusted by it, specially Isobelle. Course, all this shouting makes kids curious. Kelly seemed shocked as well, so did Jason and Daewoo. Dunno what was funnier, the story or their reactions.

Lit was quiet, went over essay structure and introduction to Midsummer Night's Dream. Dull. Lysander better be bright yellow.

Finally maths. Great idea, having maths last on a Friday. No Alison to annoy (can you laugh yet? We don't want to accidently kill you), so hung out with Jordan and Emma while Tom embarrassed Kelly.

Limped bike home, started fixing it up. There's this bird who lives in our yard now, he has a dud wing, so he eats the cat's food and squawks at you if you look at him funny. The cat was sitting there, tail flicking, watching his every move. Then he started swooping her. Cat didn't like that, bolted. This cat is getting old.

Anyway. Checked news, turns out they sold 45,000 tickets for the BDO today. I'm looking forward to it now, not only is Tame Impala playing, but most of the droogs are going, should be interesting. Speaking of which, had to sprint down the street (on the BeardBike), the usual suspects were picking up supplies for their next experiment. Wonder how this one will turn out.

Dragged to a band thingy, wasn't too bad, I played crap, though I suppose it went fairly quickly. Kids and Dad played in front of the crowd, won a bottle of wine and a go on the percussion for it.

Fraser just walked past looking like one of those chav thugs from England, sans brass knuckles. I lol'd.

Right. Tomorrow, work all day, and if I'm not dead, might go hang out with Meg and the horde after their movie, it being her birthday and all.



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