Monday, October 5, 2009

Ghosts n Stuff.

'Lo readers.

Jesus god. Not a good day today.

Woke up relatively early, Denny and Ryan dropped in and whinged at Guitar Hero, then off to school past fields of broken TVs and huge monitors.

Good god. It was cold, and there was so much noise, and the damn kids kept on coming up with stories about more exciting holidays than mine.

First up was biology. I nearly fell asleep towards the end, which tells me either a-boring class, or b-need more sleep.

Then psych, 88% on my practice exam. Teacher thinks I'm 'getting the hang of it.'

Recess. By now I knew I was over school. Specially when the hunger kicked in, so got myself a donut. So much jam.

Now, Mrs Cartledge's father died suddenly over the weekend, so she was off sorting that out. For lit, we had Mrs Champion. At first, she's ok, but then it drags on, specially since we don't know anything about figurative devices. Funny watching us all take stabs at definitions. She let Isobelle off the hook for not having done the homework, and even offered to help. We were shocked.

Maths, business as usual. Would have fallen asleep here. No Alison, you didn't miss anything.

Lunchtime. Went out to flying fox, game started pretty meh, deteriorated quickly, with Pat shouting "THIS GAME IS DETERIORATING WHAT THE HELL" every thirty seconds. Found another reason why I dislike school, maybe it was just the tiredness. Had to laugh though.

Anyway, then history, and we got to watch the end of the movie. Bloody research thing to do though, hurm.

Finally media, teacher gave up on lecturing, told us to fill out graph thingies. Mine is a bit sparse, oh well.

After school, band. Boring.

Come home, check news, get as much stuff on this Mississippi thing as I can, off to band, boring. Pipers were in, infuriating as ever.

And here I am.

I give myself a week before I start getting back into the rhythm for school. That or I'll just give up. Sick of it anyway, want more holidays.

Tomorrow is doubles day (already?), which I'm not particularly looking forward to.



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