Sunday, October 11, 2009

Drains and Spills.

'Lo all.

So, today, went to work, it was fairly quiet. Discussed Salefest (surprised Nick, Jasper, and Will got in), and the Big Day Out (suck to not have tickets like Cooky), then half an hour from finishing, a shard of plate that was stuck in the sink stabbed my finger really goddamn deep, so blood was pissing out. Didn't particularly hurt, but too much blood for a bandaid. Scotty grabbed a buttload of towels and a rubber band, which I upgraded to a glove and a rubber band, so I could finish. The waitresses all thought I was dying, one suggested I should get stitches.

Got home, lit homework. Not doing too badly. Noticed I was missing my media textbook, which is annoying. Sidetracked by Emma (Skins ftw), and Isobelle (we looped from Nostradamus to stoner music, not bad).

Tomorrow is Monday. Not looking forward to it. At all.



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