Monday, October 19, 2009

Devious Stares.

'Lo all.

I'm tired and confused. May go as far as dazed and confused, even.

Stupid bike tyre was flat again this morning. I don't get it.

It was mercifully quiet early today, at least with one earphone in. Biology first up, we're nearly done, which is cool. Excursion Friday, woo.

Cautious optimism.

Psych. Meh. Did a crappy old practice test with doubled questions. Define learning set was there twice. Hurm.

Recess. Hungry. Cameron won house captain, well done that man. Should be an interesting year next year.

Lit. Swapped stories on who was what captain, then more reading play. We don't have to do the big comparative essay, yay.

Maths. Ew. Getting the hang of whatever we're doing, caught up on a bit of gossip. It's still confusing. Leaves doubts about the pissup after the Show.

Lunchtime. Surprisingly warm outside, so the teachers cracked down and made us wear hats. So we dragged some tables into the shade, Hayden, Isaac, and Sam got busted climbing on the roof. Then a massive game of catch across the quad. Talked to Emma about books.

History. Doing cold war again. Meh.

Finally media. Teacher finally snapped at Pat, but we got to check out all the artwork in the hall.

Band was fairly meh, but afterwards we got free food. Pretty cool.

Came home, talked to Amaya (2 hours since she arrived home from NY), 'upgraded' calculator, then more band. Painfully dull. Want to quit.

Tomorrow, doubles day. My favourite. Need to go shopping, had an idea...



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