Thursday, October 8, 2009


'Lo all.

Trigger happy at the moment. Waiting for midnight. Oh yes.

Today sucked. Too ridiculously cold. Chapel was mercifully short with Ms Henry as the chaplain stand-in, then wasting time in homeroom.

Media was quiet, emailed sheet to Ms Robbins. Think it's unfinished, but oh well.

Recess. Cold. Talked to Lulu and froze.

Double lit was annoying. It just didn't seem to end. And the notes on the board made no sense, made Isobelle and I laugh. WHERE IS CARRIAGE? NO!

Lunch was fairly boring, everyone nicked off to something or other, so Jason and I wandered around annoying the girls. Too much gossip at the moment.

Maths was quiet, Jordan revealed she didn't get Fight Club and Emma and I recited the Llama Song. Tom and I couldn't figure out the calculator, turned out one of the functions was munted up anyway.

Then in psych, practice test, surprisingly easy. Means I get a free period tomorrow morning to do lit homework.

After school, went down to work, lot of bonus places Jackson ave way, pretty quiet. Saw Pat and the droogs, girls were heading to Alison's for a surprise party, Sam was thinking about crashing. On the highway past Domain, tyre burst, so had to walk through the ghettoes to do the last few deliveries. RAAAGE.

Get home, Isaac gave me a buttload of Tame Impala demos and live stuff, and right now WE'RE HALF AN HOUR AWAY FROM BDO TICKETS hopefully.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be tired. Double bio though.



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