Friday, October 30, 2009

Catch Hell Blues.

'Lo readers.

Today, I visited the show. But I did not go on any rides. Damn teachers. Damn weather too, it must have hit 30o, then it started pissing down!

Anyway. Get to school, everyone's a bit pumped, and it was warm. Went over to showgrounds with the media class, got lost with Oliver and Ruby, and did some reconnaisance. Not interested in paying $10 entry + $8 rollercoaster + other rides. Need to save money for Pearl Jam, among other things.

Then bio, which is revision. The NEAP practice exam had at least two questions that had the wrong answers on the answer sheet. I don't trust NEAP.

Recess, Lulu got a pair of cakes. She was so excited because Claire had given her the new Michael Buble album. Happy birthday, man.

Lit, everyone was terrified and relieved. Handed mine in, more work for the weekend to do, then we watched more movie. There was lesbian mudwrestling and a surprising amount of nudity. This movie is nuts.

Maths was a test, easy until the last question, which I did thrice and still am unsure about.

Then lunch. Awesome. It was getting damn hot, and humid, but there were clouds coming over. Patrick had decided to try and break his 800m record, and Aiden and Sam decided to try too, Aiden in barefoot. Idiots. Chilled out on the concrete for the rest.

History, more work for the weekend. I've got to write a thing and a presentation for media, then a prac report for biology, then a set of literature questions, then work on this damned history thing. Hurm.

Psych was good, spare in the library, Isaac, Hayden, Ryan and I just chatted on the couches. I'm enjoying spares so far.

After school (GOT MY FIRST A IN LIT FOR THE REVIEW YES), went down the street, found a cane for $15 (which will get more use than a 2min ride), then caught up with the droogs. Ended up in KFC as it started pouring. Hayden has a pretty party dress, which will look amusing.

Get home through the rain ("not going to the show now" "nope"), check news, chill out. Sorted out costume too, Alison agreed to do the eye thing, which is good.

So, tomorrow looks busy. Work all day, then off to Jason's in the evening. Need to get a few pictures, hopefully there'll be a few girls sober enough to take lots. And hopefully there won't be too much whinging, been far too much lately. Everyone needs to chill out, and get smashed.

No post tomorrow night, I'm afraid.



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