Monday, October 12, 2009

Bold Arrow Of Time.

'Lo readers.

Gotta love psychedelic rock.

Argh. Monday. It was freezing bloody cold, then it rained, then it was really hot, then it rained, and now it's cold again. Crazy Victorian weather, man.

So, today was meh. Froze on the way to school.

First up was double psych, once we staggered out of homeroom. Corrected a practice test, I must have been pretty out of it, got a low mark. Think I marked myself too harshly though, ah well. Then another practice test, fairly easy.Year twelves were going on about sneaking mates into Salefest.

Recess was meh, nothing important that I can remember. Followed by lit, we had to watch a bit of A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999). Seems to follow on from Lurhmann's adaption of Romeo and Juliet, where you take a Shakespeare story, put it somewhere weird (California, 19th Century), and make big name actors spout Ye Olde English. Boring.

Bio was quiet, they've begun talking about prefects and school captains. I reckon Claire and Derek, possibly Aiden. I'll vote for Cameron though.

Lunch was fairly boring, everyone disappeared again so Julian and I discussed ways of rigging lockers so things explode.

History was quiet, started my biography, then got distracted. Oh well. Tom was looking up demotivators and I got Isobelle hooked on another internet fad. Oh yeah, and Garfield Minus Garfield, look it up.

Finally media, started my report, Patrick was being difficult with Kristen. Funny though.

Band was dull, we got out early, girls were dancing and we kicked trees. Not bad at all.

Then home, trading music with Isobelle tomorrow and nearly finished the lit essay.

More band, only kid in my section. Annoying when the big section solo comes up.

Then home (thank gawd), finishing essay and talking to Amaya. We've encountered a difficult plot twist, it seems. Wonder what will happen next.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. This week has to go faster.



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